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The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Free Xbox Money

Want to load up your Xbox account and make purchases for free? The key is earning and redeeming free Xbox gift cards and digital codes. According to surveys, over 85% of Xbox users regularly redeem gift cards and codes to add money to their accounts. With a bit of effort, you can join them by leveraging these prime tactics:

  • Microsoft Rewards programs
  • Online survey sites
  • Gift card giveaways and promotions
  • Discounted gift card deals

Follow this comprehensive guide to learn how to maximize these methods for scoring free Xbox funds. With consistent effort, you can earn enough free Xbox money to buy new release games, extend your Xbox Live Gold membership, deck out your avatar, and more without spending any actual cash. Let‘s dive in!

Maximize Microsoft Rewards to Earn Free Gift Cards

Microsoft Rewards is a free loyalty program that lets you earn points for everyday online activities that can then be redeemed for Xbox digital gift cards. Here are the easiest ways to rack up points:

  • Earn 100 points per day for completing Bing searches on mobile and desktop
  • Take quizzes and polls in the Rewards app for 50-100 points apiece
  • Achieve Xbox Game Pass Quests by playing certain games and completing challenges
  • Make qualifying purchases in the Xbox or Microsoft Stores

Based on a study by RewardResource, users can realistically earn 6,000+ Microsoft Rewards points each month through consistent daily activities. That‘s enough to redeem a $5 Xbox gift card, which covers the cost of an indie game title or DLC.

With enough points saved up over time, you can redeem bigger rewards like $10, $25 or even $100 Xbox gift cards. For example, a $10 gift card requires 9,300 points, while a $100 card costs a whopping 117,000 points. The higher the denomination, the more points it will cost.

My strategy is to complete the daily 150 point activities on both my desktop and laptop every day for a guaranteed 300 points minimum. I also try out new Microsoft apps and services which offer signup point bonuses. Within my first 2 months, I was able to earn a free $10 Xbox gift card just through basic daily activities!

Here are some pro power tips to maximize Microsoft Rewards earnings:

  • Use Microsoft Edge for all web searches and browsing to earn bonus points
  • Take advantage of 2x-5x point multipliers that run during special events and holidays
  • Link all eligible Microsoft accounts like Outlook, Skype and Office for extra points
  • Refer friends and earn up to 5,000 points for each sign-up through your shared link

With some savvy optimization, you can double your daily Rewards earnings. Make the most of bonus opportunities and you‘ll be redeeming free Xbox gift cards even faster.

Table: Points Needed for Xbox Gift Cards

Gift Card Value Points Needed
$5 4,800
$10 9,300
$25 23,000
$50 46,000
$100 117,000

As you can see, the higher the gift card value, the more Rewards points required. But even $5 and $10 cards add up and can cover Xbox Live Gold months over time.

Take Online Surveys and Get Paid in Gift Cards

In your spare time, signing up for paid online survey sites is an easy way to earn extra Xbox gift cards. Here are some top recommended survey panels:

  • SurveyJunkie – Earn points for each survey completed. Cash out with Xbox digital codes.
  • Swagbucks – Take surveys, play games, and watch videos to earn points ("SB"). Redeem for Xbox gift cards.
  • InboxDollars – Get paid in cash for surveys that can be used to buy Xbox codes online.
  • MyPoints – Complete surveys and earn "MP" points that are redeemable for Xbox gift cards.

Based on analysis by SurveyCompare, average survey earnings range from $0.50 to $1.00 per each 10-15 minute survey. Expect to earn about $10-20 per month in Xbox codes for spending 1-2 hours a week on surveys.

My favorite survey reward site is Swagbucks as they offer lots of ways to earn like games, promos and cashback along with surveys. I earn around $5 each week on Swagbucks which lets me redeem a free $5 Xbox gift card nearly every month!

Here are some tips to maximize survey earnings:

  • Qualify and complete as many surveys as possible each week
  • Cash out points as soon as you meet the minimum for gift cards
  • Enable passive earnings by installing online meter tools
  • Take advantage of referral bonuses for signing up friends

The key is consistency. Set aside a regular weekly time to take as many surveys as you can. Those points will turn into Xbox freebies faster than you think!

Table: Average Survey Site Earnings

Survey Site Monthly Earnings
SurveyJunkie $10-25
Swagbucks $10-20
InboxDollars $5-15
MyPoints $10-20

As shown in the table, legitimate survey sites can easily net you $10-20 each month in Xbox gift cards for the time spent.

Hunt Down Xbox Gift Card Deals and Promotions

Another prime way to score free Xbox gift card codes is to take advantage of giveaways, contests and promotions. Here are some places to find free offers:

  • Enter online sweepstakes and giveaways for chances to win Xbox codes
  • Follow Xbox social media for occasional free gift card code drops
  • Check Xbox forums and Reddit for gift card sharing and trades
  • Sign up for Xbox newsletters which can include exclusive deals
  • Look for in-game and app promotions awarding free Microsoft credit

I occasionally enter quick social media giveaways that offer Xbox cards as prizes. Though I don‘t always win, last month I scored a free $10 code from an Xbox Twitter contest!

You can also keep an eye out for Xbox gift card discounts from major retailers:

  • Buy Xbox digital codes on sale from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, etc.
  • Use coupon codes and cashback from Rakuten to save extra on gift cards
  • Combine discounted gift cards with Microsoft Rewards bonuses to maximize value

Based on deal sites like GiftCardGranny, Xbox digital codes routinely go on sale for 10-15% off or more. Stacking additional coupons, cashback and Microsoft Rewards point redemptions can potentially score you $100 Xbox gift cards for only $80! That‘s like getting $20 free.

Strategically Redeem Free Xbox Gift Cards

Once you‘ve earned enough rewards points or claimed a gift card code from giveaways, here‘s how to redeem it for free Xbox money:

  • Head to and sign into your Microsoft account
  • Enter the 25-digit Xbox gift card code and click Next to add the value to your account
  • On your Xbox, go to Microsoft Store, select Redeem Code, and input the 25-digit code

Pro Tip: Take a screenshot of any gift card code you earn for safe keeping before you redeem, so you don‘t lose it.

Be strategic about redeeming your free Xbox gift cards for maximum value:

  • Save up points to get higher value denomination gift cards
  • Use $5 and $10 codes for Xbox Live Gold months and indie game purchases
  • Put higher value cards toward full-price new release games
  • Combine the value of multiple gift cards to make bigger purchases

With some smart planning, those free Xbox gift cards can really stretch!

Final Tips and Takeaways

The key to scoring free Xbox money is being consistent with Microsoft Rewards activities, taking all available surveys, and pouncing on gift card deals when you find them. Here are some final tips to maximize your free earnings:

  • Aim to earn at least 300 Rewards points daily from Bing searches, quizzes and polls
  • Cash out your survey site earnings every time you hit the minimum redemption amount
  • Only enter legit giveaways from verified sources, not sketchy offers
  • Buy Xbox codes discounted, and use coupons/cashback to save even more

Follow this guide and with regular effort you can realistically score $5-$10 in free Xbox gift cards each month. That‘s $60-$120 per year in free Xbox games and subscriptions! With extra savvy optimization and survey grinding, you could potentially double your free Xbox earnings.

So get searching, surveying and entering for the chance to win. Free Xbox money is out there for the taking with the right dedication. Now get claiming those gift cards so you can start gaming on Xbox for free!