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How to Get Money in The Sims FreePlay

Want to get rich in The Sims FreePlay? Then you need Simoleons – the basic currency used to buy just about everything in the game. Here are the main ways to stack cash and live like a virtual millionaire!

The key to big Simoleons is working jobs, running businesses, maximizing skills, gardening, fishing, baking, selling items, and investing wisely. Prioritize methods you enjoy and optimize them for maximum profits!

Jobs – Steady Salaries Add Up

Getting a regular job for your Sims is a stable way to earn. Salaries start low but rapidly increase as you get promotions.

For example, the base level 1 Athlete career only pays ₡18/hour. But reach level 10 and suddenly you‘re making ₡1,200 an hour – a 6,567% raise! Similar for Actor and Scientist careers.

According to data gathered on the Sims Community forums, the top 5 highest paying jobs at max level 10 are:

Athlete ₡1,200/hour
Actor ₡1,140/hour
Scientist ₡1,000/hour
Firefighter ₡960/hour
Writer ₡920/hour

Based on an optimized 8 hour work schedule, one Sim working as a max-level Athlete can earn ₡9,600 a day and ₡67,200 a week!

Of course getting promotions takes time and effort – be sure to maintain performance and keep job motivation high. Customize jobs to match your Sims‘ strengths for quicker advances.

Pro Tip: Use career-boosting furniture like the Essence of Focus to speed up skill gains and promotions. Every little bit counts when climbing the ladder!

Running Businesses – Where the Big Simoleons Are

The most lucrative way to earn is by owning businesses. While getting started costs money, you can quickly scale up operations to turn huge profits, even while offline!

A fully-staffed 5-star restaurant can passively generate over ₡20,000 a day. Clothing boutiques, supermarkets, car dealerships also offer great income potential.

My personal favorite is farms. Just a small plot with some starter crops can easily produce ₡5,000+ in daily harvests. Expand to a full orchard and vegetable fields and you‘ll have more Simoleons than you can spend!

Pro Tip: Construct production buildings like the Sewing Factory and Wood Workshop to automatically craft valuable items from your raw materials.

Developing Skills – Get Creative!

Improving your Sims‘ skills in painting, guitar, piano, writing and more unlocks avenues to create high-value objects, artworks, songs, books and dishes.

For example, a level 7 painter can craft an excellent surrealist painting that sells for ₡1,100. But reach level 10 painting, and suddenly masterpieces sell for ₡4,400 each!

Writing books is similarly profitable – novels by a maxed out level 10 author sell for ₡9,000 a pop! Just a few masterpieces a week adds up fast.

Remember to keep skills building – use boosts and skill-enhancing furniture. Maintain a dedicated creative room for efficiency. Get inspired for bonus results!

Gardening & Fishing – Reel in the Simoleons

A thriving garden and well-stocked fishing spot can keep the cash flowing daily. As skill increases, the quality and value of harvests and catches rises significantly.

Cheap starter crops like carrots can initially sell for only ₡14. But max-level plants like dragon fruit sell for ₡660 each! That‘s a 4,614% profit margin.

Similarly, beginner catches like salmon start at just ₡8. But master anglers can reel in valuable sturgeon worth ₡1,100 apiece!

Use fertilizers and fishing boosts to improve yields even further. Plant major crops on weekends when Sims are home to tend and harvest all day.

Bake Up Some Dough

Unlocking bakery recipes allows combining ingredients into delicious creations that sell for good Simoleons. Certain master recipes are extremely profitable.

For example, the uncommon Ambrosia dish sells for a whopping ₡2,500! Beginner batches of cookies might only sell for ₡20 in contrast.

Construct multiple ovens and baking stations so several Sims can prepare recipes simultaneously for maximum output. Buying ingredients in bulk from the supermarket also boosts baking profits.

And remember – inspired Sims bake dishes worth 25% more!

Completing Goals – Big Payouts

Actively completing goals earns major rewards including thousands of Simoleons. Make goal completion a regular part of your money-making strategy.

Focus especially on goals requiring big one-time purchases or collecting rare items. For example, buying a hot tub for ₡18,000 can unlock a ₡50,000 Simoleon goal reward – a 178% return on your investment!

Maxing relationship levels, mastering skills, and fully upgrading homes similarly result in profitable goals. Checking goals frequently helps spot profitable opportunities.

Selling Items – Every Bit Adds Up

Selling unneeded collected resources, fish, crafted objects, gems and metals provides a trickle of spare Simoleons.

You can also intentionally craft specific items just to sell. For example, level 10 woodwork creations like birdhouses sell for ₡750.

Check the newspaper and online prices frequently – some random items have huge markups you can take advantage of. And remember, items crafted from components sell for more than the base parts.

Little amounts here and there from selling stuff can really add up over time.

Investing Wisely – Money Makes Money

Spending Simoleons to make your Sims‘ lives better often indirectly results in earning more back over time.

Upgrading work buildings and business equipment makes jobs and enterprises more profitable.

Decorating homes with fun objects boosts moods so Sims stay inspired and energized.

Acquiring rare and limited items completes collections that unlock lucrative goals.

Building up infrastructures like multiple gardens and fish spots takes money, but results in more harvesting and catching opportunities.

Basically, invest back into improvements that enable your Sims to keep advancing and making bank!

What money-making methods work best depends on your style and what you find fun in The Sims FreePlay. Experiment until you find your groove, then optimize your strategy to start raking in the Simoleons!