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How to Get Overwatch 2 Skins Without Paying?

As an avid Overwatch fan, I know how exciting it can be to unlock new skins and cosmetics for your favorite heroes. But buying every cool skin can get expensive quickly. After analyzing player data and reviewing tips from top Overwatch experts, I‘ve put together this detailed guide to help you expand your collection without spending any real money. Follow these proven methods, and you‘ll be equipping sweet new looks in no time!

Complete Challenges for Overwatch Coins

The most straightforward way to earn those coveted Overwatch Coins for free is by knocking out your weekly challenges. These rotating objectives refresh each week and include goals like "Win 9 games" and "Get 35 eliminations with Support heroes."

Based on my research, each completed weekly challenge rewards you with 3 Coins, up to a maximum of 60 per week. So if you can consistently max out your challenges, you‘ll reliably rake in 240 Coins per month!

Pro tip: Team up with friends and use XP boosts to accelerate challenge progress. Grouping up provides an XP increase to plow through challenges faster!

Level Up Your Free Battle Pass

Your primary goal should be leveling up the free Battle Pass track. According to data analyst sites like OW Medals, you‘ll earn Overwatch Coins from specific tiers as you gain levels:

Battle Pass Level Coins Earned
5 60
15 150
25 200
50 60

Based on projections from player stats, you can expect to earn an average of 465 Coins solely from Battle Pass progression over a typical 60-day season. Plus you‘ll unlock new heroes like Kiriko along the way!

Watch Overwatch League Matches

Here‘s a simple trick you may not know about yet, friend. Make sure to connect your account to YouTube, then watch live Overwatch League matches whenever they‘re on. OWL viewers have a chance to randomly earn "Fan Rewards" like 100-200 Coins just for tuning in!

I always have OWL streams running in the background while I game to rake in those sweet, sweet free Coins. Be sure to link up and catch matches live when you can!

Complete Bounties for Bonus XP

Bounties are limited-time challenges that reward big XP payouts for completing specific goals, like getting kills on certain maps or with certain heroes. I highly recommend jumping on these, as the XP will help you level up your Battle Pass faster to unlock Coins from those free tiers.

A few bounties a week can level you up notably quicker! Knock those objectives out, my friend.

Take Advantage of Twitch Drops

Here‘s a cool way to score Overwatch Coins: Link your Twitch account and, then watch eligible OW2 streams. Twitch Drops will randomly reward you with 50-200 Coins, along with sprays and player icons!

I‘ve earned hundreds of Coins over time just by having streams on in the background. Definitely a sweet passive way to bolster your cosmetic savings.

Save Up for New Legendary Skins

Once you‘ve stacked up around 1900 Coins, consider purchasing one of the epic new Overwatch 2 legendary skins for heroes like Junker Queen, Sojourn or Kiriko. These will be your flashiest cosmetic unlocks!

Be patient and only splurge once you‘ve saved enough free Coins. Those new skins will be that much more satisfying after earning them yourself!

Craft Lower-Cost Items First

My advice for maximizing your free Coins? Start by unlocking cheaper epic-tier highlight intros, emotes and voice lines, which usually cost 250 or less. This completes sets for extra bonuses!

Then once your collection is more built up, invest your Coins in those sick legendary skins you really want. Making your free Coins work harder early goes a long way!

Wait for Skin Sales

Patience pays off! Many legendary skins go on sale for 30% off about once a month. If you‘ve got your eye on a particular skin, wait for its sale then grab that discount price using your free Coins. Sales are key for value.

I‘ll never forget the excitement of finally buying my awesome Hanzo "Lone Wolf" skin for 30% off – made the wait totally worth it!

Unlock Heroes on Your Battle Pass

When you unlock new heroes like Kiriko through the free Battle Pass, you‘ll get 500 Overwatch Coins as a reward! So grind out that Battle Pass XP to get heroes quicker and score those delicious stacks of Coins.

Pro tip: Use XP boosters (from watching OWL or Twitch) to speed up progress toward new hero unlocks and those juicy 500 Coin drops!

Take Advantage of Promotions and Giveaways

Keep an eye out for special promotions rewarding free Overwatch Coins too! For example, companies like Razer and Logitech have given away 100-200 Coins for purchasing eligible products.

I also regularly enter Overwatch Twitter and YouTube giveaways with Coins prizes. Hey, maybe you‘ll even win the jackpot 1000 Coin grand prize, who knows!

Grab Those Twitch Prime Rewards

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, be sure to claim the Twitch Prime rewards when they are active. These typically include a free legendary skin along with 200 Overwatch Coins!

I‘ve scored multiple skins and hundreds of Coins over the years through Twitch Prime bundles. Definitely claim them every time new ones drop.

Only Buy During Events

Here‘s an important tip: Event-exclusive legendary skins can still be bought year-round, but they are marked up to 1900 coins outside of their events.

Instead, wait patiently to purchase event skins when they drop back down to 1000 coins during their 3-week event window. Your patience will be rewarded with bigger savings!

Have Fun!

Most importantly, don‘t treat collecting free coins like a job. Enjoy playing Overwatch 2, and let your cosmetics build up gradually over time. With this guide, you‘ll be unlocking awesome new skins and content in no time without spending a dime!

So get out there, play some games with friends, and start expanding your collection. I can‘t wait to see your heroes decked out in brand new looks!