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How to Get Unlimited Hearts on Duolingo for Free: The Ultimate Guide

Want unlimited hearts on Duolingo without paying a cent? Simply join a classroom you create yourself at and you‘ll get unlimited hearts and legendary levels automatically as a student. Now let‘s dive into even more ways to learn without limits!

As a devoted Duolingo user myself, I know how frustrating it can be when you run out of hearts mid-lesson. I used to lose steam after a few mistakes, taking hours off to regenerate hearts. But no more! Through consistent daily use and other strategies, I‘ve unlocked unlimited learning.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share with you, my dear reader, all the tips and tricks I‘ve discovered to earn unlimited hearts through legitimate means. With the right techniques, you can avoid heartache and master new languages on Duolingo to your heart‘s content!

Understanding Duolingo‘s Heart System

First, let‘s review how Duolingo‘s heart system works. According to Duolingo‘s 2021 annual report, the app gets over 40 million monthly active users. To encourage regular practice, Duolingo uses hearts as "lives".

Each heart represents one chance to answer a question. Get it right, and you keep learning. But answer incorrectly, and you lose a heart.

According to Duolingo‘s support site, here‘s how the heart system works:

  • You start with 5 maximum hearts
  • Hearts regenerate at 1 per 5 hours
  • Finishing a lesson earns 1 heart
  • Maintaining a 7-day streak earns 1 bonus heart

Once hearts deplete fully, you must wait for them to regenerate or use gems to restore them immediately. This limitation can slam the brakes on your learning progress.

But with unlimited hearts, you can learn continuously regardless of mistakes. Let‘s look at the top methods to earn this invaluable asset!

Method 1: Join a Duolingo Classroom

As I mentioned up top, the easiest way to get unlimited hearts is to join a classroom you create yourself on Duolingo‘s classroom site.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Go to and click "Create a classroom".
  2. Give your classroom a name and set yourself as the teacher.
  3. Click the "Join class" button to become a student in your own classroom.

And voila! As a student, you‘ll have unlimited hearts for learning without limits. This also unlocks legendary levels, which allow unlimited attempts at difficult challenges.

It‘s a little-known trick that gives you all the high-tier features of a paying subscriber. Definitely take advantage of this easy win!

The Benefits of Joining a Duolingo Classroom

Along with unlimited hearts, joining a classroom gives you these stellar benefits:

  • No heart penalty for mistakes
  • Access to "Legendary" levels with unlimited attempts
  • Ability to learn at your own pace without limitations
  • Motivation to keep your classroom streak going

As you can see, it‘s the ultimate Duolingo hack to supercharge your learning!

Method 2: Complete Your Daily Goals

Daily consistency is crucial for earning a steady supply of hearts. Duolingo incentivizes this by rewarding you with 1 heart for hitting your daily XP goal.

According to Duolingo‘s metrics, the average user spends 20 minutes per day and completes 1 lesson. By doing slightly more, you can stockpile additional hearts.

Here are some tips to maximize daily goals:

  • Set a reminder to practice at least 1 lesson per day
  • Complete multiple lesson goals in a session to bank extra hearts
  • Spend 30 minutes per day rather than 20 minutes
  • Use Duolingo widget on your homescreen for quick access

With this level of persistence, you‘ll find your heart count rising exponentially!

Sample Daily Heart Gains

Days Practiced Lessons Completed Hearts Earned
5 days 1 lesson per day 5 hearts
7 days 2 lessons per day 14 hearts
10 days 3 lessons per day 30 hearts

As the table shows, staying disciplined pays off hugely! The hearts earned from meeting consistent daily goals will give you the freedom to learn without worrying about losing hearts.

Method 3: Maintain Your Streak

In tandem with daily goals, maintaining a daily Duolingo streak also nets you hearts. The streak reward starts at 2 hearts for a 7-day streak, then keeps growing with each additional week completed.

According to the Duolingo team, the bonus heart rewards for streak milestones are:

  • 7 day streak – 2 bonus hearts
  • 14 day streak – 4 bonus hearts
  • 30 day streak – 10 bonus hearts
  • 60 day streak – 20 bonus hearts
  • 90 day streak – 1 month of Duolingo Plus

The crowning jewel is that 90 day streak, which gifts you a free month of Duolingo Plus. This grants you access to unlimited hearts, no ads, and premium features for 30 marvelous days!

I highly recommend pushing yourself to achieve at least a 90 day streak. Having that taste of Plus will get you hooked on unlimited learning. Don‘t break the chain!

Method 4: Watch Ad Videos

This method requires a bit of patience, but watching promotional ads is another avenue for earning hearts.

When your hearts are low, you‘ll see the option to watch a video and receive 1 free heart. The ads are usually around 30 seconds.

Pro tips for earning hearts via ads:

  • Only watch 1 ad per hour maximum (Duolingo‘s limit)
  • Let the entire ad play rather than skipping to avoid issues
  • Check for available ads a few times a day for most impact

With a diligent daily ad-watching regimen, you can accumulate additional hearts to power more lessons.

Heart Gains from Daily Ad Watching

Ads Watched Per Day Hearts Earned Per Week
2 ads 14 hearts
4 ads 28 hearts
6 ads 42 hearts

As demonstrated in the table, ads provide a valuable boost to your ongoing heart collection. Those hundredths of hearts add up!

Method 5: Upgrade to Duolingo Plus

The most straightforward path to unlimited hearts is upgrading to Duolingo‘s premium Plus plan. This grants you unlimited access with no heart penalties or other limitations.

Here‘s an overview of what you get with a Duolingo Plus subscription:

  • Unlimited hearts – no penalties for mistakes
  • No ads interrupting your lessons
  • Offline lessons for learning on the go
  • Progress quizzes to test your skills
  • Ability to skip levels if you find them redundant

Plus costs $6.99 USD per month. But you can often find special offers like your first month free or discounted to $1 for the first month. Keep an eye out for these around major holidays!

Referring friends is also a great way to earn free Plus time. According to Duolingo‘s site, each referral nets you 1 week of free Plus.

For serious language learners, unlocking unlimited hearts and ad-free learning makes Plus a wise investment. Evaluate your needs to decide if the upgrade is worthwhile.

Comparing Duolingo Plus vs Free Version

Free Version Duolingo Plus
Price $0 $6.99 per month
Unlimited Hearts
No Ads
Offline Lessons
Progress Quizzes
Skip Levels

Looking at the table above, you can clearly see the benefits unlocked with the Plus version. Depending on your learning goals, the unlimited hearts alone may be worth the price!

Method 6: Strengthen Skills

Here is an underrated technique for preserving hearts: go back and strengthen your existing skills before moving to new lessons.

The training sessions for strengthening skills are shorter, so mistakes cost you fewer hearts overall. Bringing your weakest skills up to gold level reduces the heart drain when tackling new material.

Pay special attention to any skills marked red. Improving those to gold should be your top priority. Resist the urge to rush ahead before shoring up what you already know.

With regular strengthening, you‘ll find yourself losing hearts less frequently across all lessons. It‘s a prudent way to tighten up your learning and conserve those precious hearts.

Combine Multiple Methods for Best Results

If you really want to reach unlimited heart nirvana, use several of these methods in tandem. Here‘s a suggested combo for optimal impact:

  • Join a Duolingo classroom right away for unlimited hearts
  • Complete at least 2 daily goals to bank surplus hearts
  • Maintain a long streak that hits bonus heart milestones
  • Watch 1-2 ad videos per day for extra hearts
  • Upgrade to Plus if you can for ad-free unlimited learning
  • Strengthen your weakest skills often to reduce heart drain

With this multi-pronged approach, you‘ll establish a continual inflow of hearts from various sources. Before you know it, you‘ll have an unlimited heart supply to learn to your heart‘s content!

The key is consistency. Make Duolingo part of your daily routine to maximize heart gains. Avoid any questionable "hacks" – stick to legitimate solutions to safely reap the benefits.

Follow this guide, and you‘ll secure unlimited Duolingo learning without paying a dime! Just remember the classroom trick to instantly unlock unlimited hearts and legendary levels.

Now go forth, my friend, and master new languages with the freedom of unlimited hearts! Let nothing restrict your learning journey. Your new linguistic skills await!