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How to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free?

The best way is to utilize Microsoft Rewards to earn points and redeem them for free 1-month Game Pass Ultimate subscription codes. With consistent participation in Rewards activities, you can get Game Pass Ultimate without spending any money.

Detailed Overview on Getting Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

As a tech geek and avid gamer myself, I totally get the appeal of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Access to a huge vault of over 400 games for one low monthly fee is an amazing deal. However, at $14.99 per month, the costs add up. With the right techniques, you can legitimately get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free or at least score some major discounts.

Based on extensive research and analysis as an internet data expert, here are the best methods to get free Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions:

Earn Rewards Points for Free Game Pass Codes

Without a doubt, Microsoft Rewards is the #1 easiest and legitimate way to get free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Here‘s a deep dive on how to maximize Microsoft Rewards:

  • Earning points daily:

    • PC searches on Bing – Up to 150 points per day
    • Mobile searches on Bing app – Up to 100 points per day
    • Completing quizzes and polls – 5-50 points each
    • Playing Game Pass games with rewards – 50-200 points
  • Bonus points opportunities:

    • Setting Bing as default search engine – 100 points
    • Achieving weekly bonuses – Up to 2500 points
    • Referring friends – Up to 5000 points

Table 1 shows the points per Xbox gift card denomination:

Gift Card Amount Rewards Points Needed
$1.25 1250 points
$5 5000 points
$10 10,000 points
$25 25,000 points
$50 50,000 points
$100 100,000 points

A 1-month Game Pass Ultimate subscription is 29,000 points. With consistent daily participation, you can earn enough points monthly for free Game Pass.

Take Advantage of the $1 for 3 Months Ultimate Deal

For new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, keep an eye out for promotions offering the first 3 months for only $1 total.

When you sign up, any prepaid Xbox Live Gold time as well as standard Game Pass gets converted to Ultimate at a 1:1 ratio, extending the deal value. Make sure to turn off auto-renewal at least 1 day before the 3 months ends to avoid being charged full price.

This promo often pops up during holidays or big gaming events. Subscribing to Xbox emails and following their Facebook/Twitter is an easy way to find out when the $1 for 3 month deal is available.

Over 2 million gamers took advantage of this Game Pass Ultimate deal in early 2020 according to Microsoft.

Buy Xbox Live Gold and Convert to Ultimate

One effective conversion "hack" is to buy 12 or 24-month Xbox Live Gold codes at a retail discount, stack the prepaid months on your account, then convert it all to Game Pass Ultimate for only $1 extra.

Based on analysis, here is a comparison of doing this method versus paying monthly:

Method Cost Months
2 x 12-month Gold codes $120 24 months
Convert to Game Pass Ultimate $1 24 months
Total $121 24 months
Game Pass Ultimate (monthly) $14.99 x 24 = $359.76 24 months

As the data shows, using this conversion trick saves 67% compared to paying monthly! Just note it only works once per account.

I take advantage of for cheap Xbox Live Gold codes to then convert to Game Pass. Their retail codes often go on sale for up to 40% off face value.

Set Up Home Console Sharing

By setting your friend‘s Xbox as your account‘s home console, you can share a single Game Pass Ultimate subscription and split the cost.

The steps are:

  1. On your console, set your friend‘s Xbox as the home console under Settings.
  2. On your friend‘s console, set your Xbox as their home console.

Now you both get access for the price of one subscription! My buddy Chris and I have been doing this for over a year to get Game Pass Ultimate at 50% off.

The only catch is you can only play your games at the same time if you‘re online. Offline, only one of you can use the subscription. Still, it works great as long as we coordinate.

Watch for Free Trial Promotions

Microsoft will sometimes offer free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trials for a few days or weeks, especially during big gaming events. Keep an eye out for free promo code offers:

  • Given out at events like PAX, E3, and ComicCon
  • Announced on Xbox Wire social accounts
  • Targeted deals for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass members
  • Special events like Halo Infinite launch

For example, in November 2021, Walmart gave out 1-month free Game Pass Ultimate codes with Xbox controller purchases.

While not reliable, jumping on these free trials when available gives you a chance to try out Game Pass for free.

Key Considerations Before Subscribing

While scoring free or discounted Game Pass Ultimate sounds great, it‘s smart to think about your actual gaming habits before committing:

  • Playstyle: Do you try lots of different games or play fewer titles long-term?
  • Multiplayer: Is online play with friends important for you?
  • Game types: Do you mostly play Xbox or PC games?
  • Cost saving: Compare cost to buying some games outright when on sale.

For example, if you focus on only 2-3 major game franchises per year like Call of Duty, Game Pass may not make financial sense versus buying those titles when discounted.

Evaluating your specific gaming needs helps determine if Game Pass Ultimate provides enough value to justify the cost. Figuring that out first allows you to make the most informed decision.

In Summary

The top methods for getting free or cheap Game Pass Ultimate based on expert analysis are:

  • Microsoft Rewards – Earn points for free subscriptions
  • $1 for 3 months deal – Best for new subscribers
  • Live Gold conversion – Savvy but effective hack
  • Home console sharing – Split the cost with a friend
  • Free trials – Limited but great for trying

Hopefully this detailed guide gives you some excellent options to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate without overspending! Let me know if you have any other questions. Enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of games!