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How to Heist the Sanguine Suites Vault in Fortnite

If you are looking to heist the Sanguine Suites vault in Fortnite, you must first locate the Suites Vault Keycard. This keycard can be obtained by eliminating the guard patrolling outside the vault room in the Sanguine Suites point of interest.

Once you eliminate the guard, they will drop the Suites Vault Keycard as a Mythic Diamond Thermal DMR. Make sure you have space on your hot bar to carry the keycard.

The Suites Vault Keycard is used to open the vault in the basement of the Sanguine Suites POI. Follow the blue pathway that appears when you are holding the keycard to the terminal next to the vault door. Interact with the terminal to open the vault.

Inside the vault, you will find two display cases with Mythic items. These items can range from Midas' Drum Gun to Gunnar's Stinger SMG. However, be cautious as you can only choose one item from the display cases. Selecting an item triggers a building lockdown.

To heist the vault, make your way to the Sanguine Suites POI and enter the building. Loot for a weapon and head to the central area of the building. Go down the stairs to the basement where you will face off against the guard. Eliminate the guard to obtain the keycard.

Proceed further into the basement where you will encounter three sets of lasers. Wait for an opening to walk through each laser. Once you reach the terminal, use the keycard to open the vault. Loot the entire vault before selecting one of the two Mythic items.

After acquiring your desired item, make a quick exit to avoid AI enemies and rival players. Be aware that some players may resort to sly tactics to eliminate you and take your hard-earned weapons.

Heisting the Sanguine Suites vault can provide you with exclusive Mythic items that can give you an edge in securing a Victory Royale. So gear up, strategize, and embark on this exciting heist in Fortnite!

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