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How to Install Free Games on the Oculus Quest 2

Looking to expand your Oculus Quest 2 game library without spending any money? This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the methods for installing and playing free VR games on the stand-alone Quest 2 headset.

Official Oculus Store Freebies

The easiest way to find free VR games is directly through the Oculus mobile app or Oculus Store accessible on the Quest 2. Here are some of the key options available:

  • Oculus Store promotions – Oculus offers special limited-time free games like Beat Saber or Arizona Sunshine to Quest 2 buyers.
  • Permanently free games – Titles like Rec Room, VRChat, Bait!, and Creed: Rise to Glory are always free.
  • Free demos – Demo versions of games like Space Pirate Trainer and Superhot VR allow short play sessions.
  • Built-in apps – The Quest 2 comes with apps like First Steps, Oculus Move, and Oculus TV.

According to Oculus, there are over 50 permanently free games and apps available on the official store as of January 2023. This makes it easy to add a variety of free VR content to your library.

Sideloading with SideQuest

SideQuest is a popular sideloading tool that gives Quest 2 owners access to a wide range of free games and apps unavailable on the Oculus Store.

Over 150 free titles are available to sideload, though you‘ll need a PC and USB cable to transfer files. Popular picks include:

  • Pavlov Shack – FPS multiplayer shooter
  • Tea for God – Endless non-euclidean maze
  • Crisis VRigade – Arcade shooter
  • Hyper Dash – Multiplayer parkour action

According to SideQuest, their site has been used to install free games and apps on Quest headsets over 2 million times. It‘s a trusted option that Oculus officially allows.

Store Number of Free Games
Oculus Store Over 50
SideQuest Over 150

Limited Trials of Paid Games

While most paid VR games must be purchased, some do offer free trials that let you sample gameplay.

For example, you can play the first level of Superhot VR for free before needing to pay $25 for the full game. Other titles like Racket Nx and Premium Bowling offer limited game modes or minutes of play per day without paying.

This lets you experience these popular paid titles before committing. Oculus even offers refunds within 14 days if you don‘t end up liking a paid game.

Multiplayer Modes

Specific multiplayer modes for certain paid games are completely free. For instance, Echo VR and Population: One both have free multiplayer available with an Oculus account.

You only need to pay if you want to unlock single player modes. This way, you can enjoy popular social VR and multiplayer action without spending money.

Is Piracy a Good Option?

While it may be tempting to pirate paid Oculus games rather than pay for them, I strongly advise against this for a few key reasons:

  • Piracy violates Oculus terms and often results in a permanent account ban, making all purchased games inaccessible.
  • Stolen games can contain malicious software that puts your personal data at risk.
  • Developers lose income from their work which reduces future VR development.

Given the expanding selection of free game options, resorting to illegal piracy is risky and unwise. Support VR developers by trying free games first instead!

Maximize Your Free Gaming

To really unlock your Oculus Quest 2‘s free game potential, I recommend:

  • Browse free Oculus Store games weekly for new additions and promotions.
  • Sideload diverse SideQuest titles like RPGs, retro games, fitness titles, etc.
  • Join multiplayer games to meet up with others in VR.
  • Upgrade to the 128GB Quest 2 model for more storage capacity.
  • Use cross-buy to play Rift games like Echo VR on Quest.

With the right strategy, you can build an exciting and varied free VR game library on Quest 2 easily. Never pay full price for agame again!

Let me know if you have any other questions about getting free games and apps on your Oculus Quest 2. I‘m always happy to help fellow VR gaming fans.