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How to Make the Most of Charmander’s Community Day in Pokemon GO

The upcoming Community Day event in Pokemon GO is set to feature Charmander, one of the beloved characters from the Kanto region. Taking place on Saturday, September 2, 2023, from 2 pm to 5 pm local time, this event offers a boosted spawn rate of Charmander and a higher chance of encountering its shiny form.

For players who missed the previous Charmander Community Days, this event is an opportunity to obtain both exclusive attacks, Dragon Breath and Blast Burn, for their Charizard. Evolving Charmander during the event will ensure that your Charizard learns these powerful moves.

Dragon Breath boasts a power of 4 in Trainer Battles and 6 in Gyms and Raids, while Blast Burn has a power of 110 in both Trainer Battles and Gyms and Raids. The advantage of obtaining both moves is the flexibility to choose between them using a regular TM. If you want to remove one of the moves, a regular TM can replace it, preventing the need for an Elite TM.

It is crucial to remember that there is a limited two-hour window after the event to evolve Charmander and obtain the exclusive moves. Evolving Charmander after this time frame will result in a Charizard without the elite moves. Therefore, from 2 pm to 7 pm local time, players have the opportunity to add Dragon Breath and Blast Burn to their Charizard in Pokemon GO.

To maximize your time during Community Day, setting a reminder for 6:45 pm can ensure that you don't miss the evolution window. Additionally, managing your Pokemon Storage is essential to fully capitalize on the event's bonuses. Clear out your Pokemon Storage before 2 pm to avoid wasting any time during the event. Consider purchasing Storage expansions to accommodate the large number of Charmanders you will catch, estimated to be upwards of 300 creatures.

A well-stocked Item Storage is also crucial for a successful Community Day. Make sure to have a sufficient number of Great and Ultra Balls, as these are more efficient when catching Charmanders compared to regular Poke Balls. The Catch Candy bonus during the event eliminates the need for Pinap Berries, allowing players to discard them and reserve storage space for balls.

Don't forget to activate Star Pieces and Lucky Eggs throughout the event to accumulate more Stardust and Experience Points. These items will multiply the Community Day bonuses, enhancing your rewards. It is recommended to have a minimum of six Star Pieces and six Lucky Eggs for the duration of the event.

Since Community Day involves a lot of walking, make use of Incubators to hatch as many eggs as possible. This not only helps with hatching eggs but also yields a significant amount of Stardust due to the Star Pieces. Lastly, aim to play in an area with a good number of PokeStops to replenish your ball supply during the event.

For players near PokeStops hosting Showcases, participating in these events can result in valuable rewards if you achieve a podium finish. Having XXL catches increases your chances of success in the PokeStop Showcases. It is worth noting that each XXL creature has unique measurements, and one with exceptional stats will likely win the competition.

Prepare yourself for Charmander's Community Day in Pokemon GO by adhering to these strategies. With careful planning, you can make the most of the event and enhance your gaming experience.

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