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How to Obtain the Best Battleship for Free in Starfield

Bethesda's Starfield offers players the opportunity to explore a galaxy filled with rival galactic factions and engage in epic interstellar wars. Central to the game's storyline are battleships, which players can customize to fit their play style, ranging from nimble hit-and-run ships to heavily armed dreadnoughts.

While players can upgrade their ships to more powerful ones by spending credits, a Starfield player has discovered a legitimate method to obtain the game's finest battleship, valued at 150,000 credits, for free. This method requires some time and effort but does not involve any glitches or bugs.

To begin, players need to navigate to the Cheyenne Solar System and locate the planet named Montara. On this planet, there is an Abandoned Bionics Lab situated on the Wellish moon. By landing near the lab, players can witness a ship flying by in the game. After some time, a second ship will land nearby.

Players must approach the second ship stealthily and eliminate the entire crew. Once the crew is eliminated, players can claim ownership of the ship by sitting in the pilot's seat and paying a certain amount of credits. This will make the ship available for use while storing the player's previous ship.

The acquired battleship comes with ample storage, weapon racks, and rare weapons, making space travel significantly easier. This method allows players to obtain a powerful battleship without spending any credits.

Players can follow these steps to acquire the best battleship in Starfield legitimately and enhance their gameplay experience.

Source: Rishabh Sabarwal's article “Starfield player shows how to get the best battleship for free”