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How to Obtain the Retreat Vault Keycard and Rob the Relentless Retreat Vault in Fortnite

In Chapter 4 Season 4 of Fortnite, players have the opportunity to pull off heists and obtain top-tier loot from various locations. One such location is the Relentless Retreat, which holds a valuable vault. To successfully rob this vault, players must acquire the Retreat Vault Keycard. Here's how to find it and use it:

To find the Retreat Vault Keycard in Fortnite, players must eliminate the guard dressed in white clothes who can be found in the lobby outside the Relentless Retreat vault door. This guard is the toughest enemy in the whole POI, equipped with a shield and powerful weapons. Once defeated, the guard will drop a gold Assault Rifle and the Retreat Vault Keycard.

The Retreat Keycard is used to unlock the Relentless Retreat vault, located on the bottom floor of the POI's basement level. When holding the Keycard, an on-screen indicator will guide players to the vault door. Interacting with the terminal while holding the Retreat Keycard will open the vault.

Inside the Relentless Retreat vault, players will find two out of the following eight Mythic weapons: Midas' Drum Gun, TNTina's Ka-Boom Bow, Ocean's Bottomless Chug Jug, Kit's Charge Shotgun, Kit's Shockwave Launcher, Zyg and Choppy's Ray Gun, The Foundation's MK-Seven Assault Rifle, and Gunnar's Stinger SMG. Additionally, there will be a large amount of Gold and several Rare Chests available.

It's important to note that players can only take one Mythic weapon from its display case before the vault goes into full lockdown. Alarms will sound, and guards will converge on the player, so selecting the desired weapon quickly and making a swift escape is crucial.

To find the Relentless Retreat vault, players must land on the ground floor of the POI and head inside. Once in the basement, there will be AI guards present. Engaging them from a distance is advisable to avoid being overwhelmed. Eliminating the white-clothed guard on the bottom floor will grant access to the Retreat Keycard.

To avoid triggering the laser grid leading from the lobby to the vault, players must navigate carefully. If a laser is tripped, a Security Gate will close, which can be destroyed using a Harvesting Tool or weaponry. The Keycard must be used at the terminal to open the vault door.

After looting the vault thoroughly, players can choose one Mythic item from the display cases. This action will activate the lockdown alarm, attracting guards to the player's location. It's advisable to utilize the vents on the right-hand side of the path back to the white guard room to evade AI and make a quick getaway.

Players should be aware that other players may be waiting outside the vault, anticipating the theft of Mythic weapons. Therefore, a hasty escape is necessary to avoid being intercepted.

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