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How to Perform a Trivela Shot in EA FC 24: A Complete Guide

Scoring goals is a crucial part of playing EA FC 24, and one of the most skillful finishes you can perform is the Trivela shot. While it may be challenging to execute, mastering this technique can give you a significant advantage in the game. In this guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of performing a Trivela shot in EA FC 24.

To begin, load into a match of EA FC 24 and give the ball to one of your forward players. Approach the goal at an angle from the side of the player's preferred foot. For example, if the player is right-footed, drive towards the goal from the right side. Once you are in a suitable shooting position, hold down L2/LT, aim towards the far post, and press and hold the shoot button to generate the desired power.

The key to successfully executing a Trivela shot lies in your player's positioning. They need to be at a diagonal angle from the side of the pitch that matches their preferred foot. If your player is not in the correct position, the shot will not be a Trivela. It is also helpful if your player has the Trivela Play Style, as this increases their effectiveness in performing the shot.

The Trivela shot is particularly advantageous when your controlled player has a weaker foot rating. By using the outside of their preferred foot, they can produce a more accurate and powerful shot. Although the Trivela shot may be difficult to master initially, the results can be highly rewarding once you become proficient.

Remember to experiment with this technique and practice it consistently to enhance your gameplay. By adding the Trivela shot to your skill set, you will have a greater chance of scoring goals in EA FC 24.

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