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How to Play GTA Online for Free on PC

The best way to play GTA Online for free is to get GTA 5 through giveaways, discounts, sales, or borrowing from friends and family. Once you have the base game, you can play the entire vibrant GTA Online multiplayer experience at no additional cost on PC.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best-selling and most popular video games of all time. Since its release in 2013, it has shipped over 140 million copies worldwide across all platforms. The vast open world, immersive story mode, and ever-evolving GTA Online makes it extremely entertaining for all player types. However, GTA 5 is not free-to-play and you need to purchase it to access GTA Online.

On consoles, you have to pay extra for multiplayer access through PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. But the good news is that on PC, you can play the entire GTA Online component completely for free once you own the base GTA 5 game!

As an avid PC gamer and streaming enthusiast, I‘ve explored every method to get GTA 5 at the lowest price or no cost at all. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share all the tricks I‘ve learned to play GTA Online for free on PC so you can experience everything this incredible multiplayer world has to offer.

Get GTA 5 for Free from Epic Games Store

One of the best ways to get GTA 5 at no cost is by grabbing it when Epic Games offers it for free on their digital store. Epic gives away free games each week, and GTA 5 has been featured multiple times in the past during special promotional periods.

Here are some stats on Epic‘s free game giveaways:

  • Epic has given away over 130 free games since launch.
  • Games are available free for 1 week before changing over on Thursdays.
  • GTA 5 has been given away for free twice so far.

To get future free games from Epic:

  1. Download the Epic Games launcher on your PC.
  2. Keep an eye out on Thursdays for new free game announcements.
  3. Claim GTA 5 quickly if it becomes available again for free.
  4. The game will remain in your library forever once claimed!

Epic‘s massive Fortnite player base allows them to negotiate free game giveaways with publishers, so be sure to watch out for more free AAA games like GTA V in the future!

Get GTA 5 for Free with Twitch Prime

Another great way to score GTA 5 at no additional cost is linking your Twitch account with Amazon Prime to get Twitch Prime benefits. Occasionally Twitch Prime members get free game giveaways and GTA 5 has been offered several times previously.

Here are some stats on Twitch Prime‘s free games:

  • Over 60 free games have been given away since launch.
  • Free games change monthly.
  • GTA 5 has been given away twice so far.

Follow these steps to grab GTA 5 next time it‘s free on Twitch:

  1. Link your Twitch account to Amazon Prime.
  2. Click the Crown icon on Twitch to access Prime Loot.
  3. Claim GTA 5 in the Prime Gaming section when available.
  4. Add it to your Rockstar Games Social Club library.

The availability of GTA 5 as a free Twitch Prime game is not guaranteed, but be sure to pay attention around big GTA Online updates when it‘s most likely to be offered again.

Use Discounts and Coupons on Steam

For PC gamers, Steam is the most popular place to buy games. While GTA 5 normally costs $29.99, Steam frequently provides huge discounts especially during seasonal sales periods where the price can drop to as low as $14.99.

You can maximize savings by using coupons that offer additional discounts on top of Steam sales. Here are some tips:

  • Wishlist GTA 5 – get notified when it goes on sale.
  • Check Steam daily deals and look for seasonal sales.
  • GTA 5 has been discounted by up to 50% off during major Steam sales.
  • Use coupons & vouchers from various sources for extra savings.

By carefully timing your purchase around key Steam sale dates and utilizing all available coupons, you can often get GTA 5 for greater than 60% off!

Buy CD Keys for Cheap

If you don‘t want to wait for sales on Steam, you can often find great deals on GTA 5 CD keys on reputable key reseller sites like CDKeys and G2A. These sites acquire game keys in bulk during sales and provide them year-round at heavily discounted rates.

When shopping for CD keys:

  • Vet sellers carefully and buy only from highly rated ones.
  • Look for additional coupons and cashback to save more.
  • GTA 5 keys can often be found for under $15.
  • Ensure the key region matches yours before purchasing.

CD key sites have some risks if you don‘t do your due diligence on sellers, but you can score amazing deals on GTA 5 if you find trusted sellers.

Borrow from Friends and Family

If someone you know has already purchased GTA 5 for PC, you can ask them nicely if they are willing to share their game library with you. Most modern gaming platforms allow sharing your games with others.

To access GTA Online for free using this method:

  • Ask your friends or family sincerely if you can borrow GTA 5.
  • Have them share access to their gaming platform account with you.
  • Simply log into their account on your PC to download and play.

This "game sharing" approach won‘t work with everyone, but is a great free option if you have generous gaming buddies.

Wait for Free Weekend Promotions

A few times each year, Rockstar makes GTA Online completely free to play for a limited period. This allows everyone to experience GTA Online without owning GTA 5.

Typical GTA Online free weekends last 3-4 days. To take advantage:

  • Follow Rockstar on social media for free weekend announcements.
  • Make sure to try it out during the promo period.
  • Get a good feel for GTA Online before you buy GTA 5.

Rockstar uses these free weekends to promote big GTA Online content updates. Play for free first, then grab the full game on discount later!

Use GeForce NOW Game Streaming

Nvidia‘s GeForce NOW is a game streaming service that provides access to a powerful cloud gaming PC. If you already own GTA 5 through a supported platform like Steam, you can play it for free through GeForce NOW streaming without needing to own gaming hardware.

Here is how GeForce NOW works:

  • GeForce NOW has a free membership tier.
  • Connect your existing game libraries like Steam.
  • Stream games from Nvidia‘s cloud servers.
  • GTA Online fully supported on the free membership!

Cloud streaming services like GeForce NOW let you play hardware intensive games by offloading the work to remote servers. If you already own GTA 5, it‘s a great free way to enjoy GTA Online without an expensive gaming PC.

In Conclusion

While Grand Theft Auto V is not a free-to-play game, there are many great options outlined in this guide to get it at low or no cost on PC, especially during seasonal sales. Once you own the base GTA 5 game, you can play the extremely fun and dynamic GTA Online multiplayer mode indefinitely without any extra charges.

As an avid PC gamer and streaming fan, I hope these tips for getting GTA 5 cheaply or free help you access the thriving world of GTA Online on PC at little or no cost. Let me know if you have any other great deals for GTA 5 and happy gaming!