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How to Play Papa‘s Games Without Adobe Flash

The quick answer is – use Flash game emulators and web/mobile ports. With the end of Adobe Flash support in 2020, classic Flash-based games like the popular Papa‘s restaurant sims can no longer be played in web browsers. However, thanks to Flash emulators and official ports, you can still enjoy Papa‘s Pizzeria, Papa‘s Freezeria, and other titles without needing Flash at all. I‘ll walk you through the best methods so you can get your Papa‘s fix!

Flash Game Emulators

Flash emulators allow you to play SWF-based games in a post-Flash world by using modern web technologies to mimic the original Flash runtime. Here are some top emulators for playing Papa‘s games:


Ruffle is an open-source Flash emulator that recreates Flash games using WebAssembly and JavaScript. It can run directly in your browser or as a desktop application. Ruffle has excellent compatibility with Papa‘s games – I‘ve had success playing titles like Papa‘s Pancakeria HD and Papa‘s Wingeria HD with smooth performance.


Flashpoint is a powerful program that preserves thousands of Flash games and animations by emulating their original environments. The Infinity version has all Papa‘s games built-in, ready for you to dive in. Flashpoint also lets you mod games and export them to play anywhere.

Newgrounds Player

The Newgrounds Player allows you to play classic Flash content from in your browser using emulation. It has most major Papa‘s games like Papa‘s Burgeria and Papa‘s Freezeria available to play instantly without setup.

Web Portals

Many Flash game websites have ported Papa‘s games to HTML5 and other web technologies so they can live on post-Flash.


CrazyGames has simple no-frills ports of Papa‘s games you can play instantly like Papa‘s Scooperia, Papa‘s Pancakeria, and Papa‘s Wingeria.


Poki has an entire section dedicated to Papa‘s games recreated in HTML5. It contains almost every entry in the series ready to enjoy without plugins.

CoolMath Games

CoolMath has HTML5 versions of some of the most popular Papa‘s titles like Papa‘s Pizzeria and Papa‘s Freezeria available on its site.

Mobile Apps

Flipline Studios has ported many Papa‘s games to iOS and Android platforms, recreating theoriginals with native code. These are great for enjoying Papa‘s on the go:

  • Papa‘s Pizzeria To Go
  • Papa‘s Freezeria To Go
  • Papa‘s Donuteria To Go

The apps are very faithful to the web games while adding new features like custom characters and Game Center achievements. Well worth downloading for any Papa‘s fan!

PC Games

Flipline has also released remastered versions of some Papa‘s games on Steam and other PC platforms:

  • Papa‘s Pizzeria HD (Steam)
  • Papa‘s Freezeria Deluxe (Steam)

These replace Flash with newer game engines while featuring HD graphics and more content and options. If you want the ultimate Papa‘s experience on PC, the HD remakes are the way to go.

More Tips for Papa‘s Fans

Here are some more tips from my experience getting my Papa‘s fix after Flash:

Browser Extensions

On Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, extensions like Ruffle and Flash Preserve let you play Papa‘s games on sites that still use Flash, like Very handy!

Game Downloaders

Programs like Newgrounds Downloader and Blue Maxima‘s Flashpoint let you download Flash games for offline play. Great for building your own Papa‘s collection.

Online Forums

Papa‘s fan forums like Flipline Forum have download links and player workarounds posted for playing games post-Flash. The community is very helpful!

Game Backups

Check your hard drives and optical discs – if you have old Flash game backups from the 2000s, they may include installers for Papa‘s titles. I found some cached Papa‘s install files on an old CD-ROM!

The Legacy Lives On

While the discontinuation of Flash is the end of an era, innovative emulators, ports, and remakes ensure legendary games like the Papa‘s series can still be played and enjoyed. Whether on mobile, Steam, or right in your browser, with a bit of creativity you can still get all the burger-flipping and pizza-baking action these classics provide. So fire up those digital grills – it‘s time to serve some satisfied pixel customers once again!

Let me know if you have any other questions about playing Papa‘s games without Flash. Enjoy reliving the magic!