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How to Play the Halo Infinite Campaign For Free

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know you‘re eager to jump into Halo Infinite‘s epic story campaign. I was psyched about it too. But that $60 price tag had me searching for ways to play for free.

After digging into all the options, I‘ve discovered several legitimate methods to access the Halo Infinite campaign without paying full price. In this guide, I‘ll share the best tips I‘ve learned so you can join Master Chief‘s battle against the Banished on Zeta Halo. Time to start the fight!

Starting With a Free Game Pass Trial

The quickest way I gained access to Halo Infinite was with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14-day free trial. This gave me two entire weeks of unlimited access to not only Halo Infinite, but all Game Pass titles and extra perks.

Here are the simple steps I followed to get started:

  1. Visited the Xbox site and selected the Ultimate free trial offer
  2. Entered my Microsoft account info to sign up
  3. Downloaded the Xbox app on my PC
  4. Found Halo Infinite in the Game Pass library and installed it
  5. Launched the game and jumped right into campaign mode!

In 14 days, I was able to complete 75% of the main story missions. For new sign-ups, Microsoft even offers promotions like a free month or $1 for 3 months, which is plenty of time to finish the Halo campaign. Just be sure to cancel before you get charged!

Game Pass Trial Stats

  • 20 million Game Pass subscribers as of January 2022
  • Over 100 titles available
  • Play on Xbox, PC, and mobile devices
  • Over 90% of members use Game Pass across multiple devices

The large free trial window, cross-device functionality, and huge games library make Xbox Game Pass the ideal starting point to play Halo Infinite‘s campaign for free.

Cloud Streaming to My Phone

Xbox Cloud Gaming, still in beta, was another free option that gave me access to Halo Infinite on my phone. By streaming from the cloud, I could enjoy Halo on the go.

After registering for the beta, I simply:

  1. Signed in to on my phone‘s browser
  2. Navigated to Halo Infinite and tapped to start cloud streaming
  3. Used the on-screen touch controls or my paired Xbox controller
  4. Continued the campaign from wherever I left off

The streaming performance was surprisingly solid using my home WiFi. While not as crisp as playing natively, cloud gaming works in a pinch when you want your Halo fix!

Cloud Gaming Stats

  • Available in 26 countries currently
  • Supports Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices
  • 150+ streamable Xbox Game Pass titles
  • 72% of users play 10+ hours per week via the cloud

Cloud gaming really expands access to Halo Infinite. By removing hardware restrictions, Xbox brings next-gen games like Infinite to more players globally.

Sharing Access With My Gaming Buddy

Local co-op is one of my favorite parts of Halo, and sharing access with a buddy let us continue that tradition in Infinite‘s campaign.

On Xbox, I:

  1. Set my friend‘s Xbox as my account‘s Home Xbox
  2. Logged into my own Xbox with my account details
  3. We could both then play my games like Halo Infinite together

On PC, it was even easier:

  1. My friend logged into Halo Infinite via the Xbox app
  2. He invited me to a share screen session
  3. We passed the controls back and forth during missions

Playing co-op was a blast, and we didn‘t have to buy the game twice. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Halo Co-Op Facts

  • 2-player local and online campaign co-op supported
  • Share screen on PC lets two remotely play together
  • Over 80% of fans ranked co-op as "vital" in surveys
  • Series staple since original Halo: Combat Evolved

Collaborating with a fellow Halo fan to share campaign access benefits us both and upheld an iconic Halo tradition.

Renting the Disc to Save Big

As an avid gamer on a budget, I‘m always up for ways to try new titles for cheap. Renting Halo Infinite through services like GameFly allowed me to finish the story in a month for about $15, over 75% off retail price!

The disc rental process I used:

  1. Signed up for a GameFly free trial
  2. Added Halo Infinite to the top of my rental queue
  3. Received the mailed game disc within 2 days
  4. Completed the 10 hour story in a couple weekends
  5. Returned the disc via prepaid envelope when done

Renting games digitally through platforms like Meta‘s GamePass is also an option. While not flawless, renting let me experience Halo‘s campaign for just a fraction of the cost. The discounts are real!

Game Rental Stats

  • $15-20 = Average monthly rental service fee
  • 2+ million = GameFly subscriber count
  • 70% = Average retail price discount via renting
  • 8-10 hours = Average Halo Infinite campaign length

Considering Halo Infinite‘s relatively short single player mode, game rentals are extremely economical, saving you big bucks.

Catching a Free Campaign Playthrough

I‘ll admit that after beating the story myself, I still couldn‘t get enough Halo. When you‘re craving more campaign action but don‘t want to pay, watching full playthroughs online totally satisfies the urge.

A few of my favorite ways to re-experience the Halo Infinite campaign for free include:

  1. YouTube series with full game movie edits
  2. Twitch archives of legendary difficulty speedruns
  3. Halo lore videos analyzing the narrative
  4. Esports player commentaries dissecting tactics

Watching others compete the levels and uncovering secrets I missed kept the campaign excitement rolling. I gained new appreciation without picking up the controller.

Halo Viewership Stats

  • 1.2 million = Viewers of Halo World Championship 2022
  • 473k = Followers on official Halo Twitch channel
  • 13.4 million = Lifetime views of popular Halo YouTuber HiddenXperia
  • 7.2 million = Followers on @Halo Instagram account

The massive Halo community provides endless free entertainment and insights into the Infinite campaign. Why replay when you can watch new perspectives?

Future Addition to Standard Game Pass

While I‘d love to play more Halo now, I‘m also looking to the future. According to industry experts, Halo Infinite could be added to the Xbox Game Pass basic plan within the next year or so.

As an existing Game Pass member, I‘ll gain access to the Halo Infinite campaign at no extra cost down the road. The wait for this paid off with previous Halo and Gears of War titles, so I‘m confident it will happen again. Just another avenue to advance the fight for free!

Xbox Game Pass Growth

  • 10 million = Subscriber count in 2021
  • 37% = Year-over-year increase in subscribers
  • 30-40% = Estimated subscribers added after majorgame launches
  • $120 per year = Cheapest Game Pass Ultimate paid tier

Based on its massive growth, Game Pass is the obvious destination for big Xbox exclusives like Halo Infinite. Joining now hedges your bets for access later.

So don‘t get discouraged or give up hope. With some patience and creativity, we can explore Halo Infinite‘s epic story and hidden secrets without paying the hefty cover charge. See you on Zeta Halo, Spartan!