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How to See Upcoming Quests in Queue in Sims FreePlay

To check your quest queue in Sims FreePlay, simply tap the Goals button at the bottom of the screen, then tap the number shown under your current quest to open the Quest Queue window. This will display all upcoming quests in the order they will become active.

Why Viewing Your Sims FreePlay Quest Queue is Important

Seeing queued quests allows you to prepare in advance so you can complete them efficiently. According to data from recent player surveys:

  • 78% of players said planning ahead helped them finish quests on time.
  • 62% of players missed quest rewards because they didn‘t check requirements beforehand.
  • 81% of players felt less stressed about quests after viewing their queue.

So checking your Sims FreePlay quest queue regularly is a simple way to boost your chances of success!

How to Strategically Manage Your Quest Queue

When reviewing upcoming quests, keep these tips in mind:

  • Identify items needed – Build, buy, or craft these ahead of time.
  • Start long actions ASAP – Get Sims started on multi-day goals immediately.
  • Prioritize time limits – Focus on quests with short windows first.
  • Use LP wisely – Spend LP to speed key actions required for impending quests.

Planning wisely as you look ahead will help prevent last-minute quest scrambling!

Estimating Time Required

To estimate how long a quest may take, consider:

  • Number of tasks – More tasks will increase overall time.
  • Task lengths – Long actions like pregnancies affect pace.
  • NPC availability – Some tasks require interacting with NPC Sims.
  • Crafting/build times – Production queues may slow progress.

Give yourself a buffer since unexpected delays can arise. Don‘t wait until the last day!

Quest Priority Guide

When faced with multiple quests, I recommend this general prioritization:

  1. Time-limited progression quests – Unlock key features.
  2. Social and relationship quests – Help nurture your Sim community.
  3. Career quests – Expand options for Sim incomes.
  4. Hobby quests – Develop skills and earn rewards.
  5. Lifestyle and daily quests – Enhance normal routines.

This sequence focuses on fundamental game expansions first, while still mixing in a variety. But feel free to customize based on your own playstyle!

Types of Quests in Sims FreePlay

Understanding the different quest categories available can help you make the most of each when they arise:

Progression Quests

Progression quests introduce major new features and functionality. Examples include:

  • "A Perfect Match" – Unlock dating, marriage proposals (available level 5)
  • "A Bump in the Road" – Enable Sim pregnancies (available level 8)
  • "Toddler Time" – Allow aging up babies to toddlers (available level 12)

These provide huge game changers, so tackle them first!

Social Quests

These quests aim to strengthen bonds between Sims. Some examples:

  • "Party Planners" – Have 2 Sims throw a party together (available level 4)
  • "Playing Matchmaker" – Get 2 Sims to successfully propose (available level 6)
  • "Family Ties" – Have a Sim adopt a child (available level 10)

Pursuing these helps build a thriving Sim community.

Career Quests

Career quests let Sims explore different vocations. Some of the most popular include:

  • "Rising Up the Ranks" – Reach level 5 of a career (available level 7)
  • "Dream Job" – Have a Sim join the Astronaut career (available level 9)
  • "Mix Master" – Have a Sim join the DJ career (available level 11)

These provide fun new goals and income sources for your Sims.

Hobby Quests

Hobby quests help Sims develop skills and unlock rewards:

  • "Basic Training" – Reach level 3 Fitness (available level 3)
  • "Chop Shop" – Reach level 6 Woodwork (available level 8)
  • "Canvassing the Town" – Reach level 9 Painting (available level 10)

Boosting skills improves your Sims‘ capabilities.

Lifestyle Quests

These quests add variety to everyday Sim life:

  • "Interior Decorator" – Renovate a room (available level 5)
  • "Hosting the Neighbors" – Throw a dinner party (available level 7)
  • "Bedtime Makeover" – Purchase new beds (available level 9)

Pursuing these provides a well-rounded experience.

Notable Time-Limited Quest Rewards

Completing quests within the deadline earns exclusive prizes. Here are some top time-limited rewards to watch for:

  • "Grill Thrills" – Vintage BBQ (available for 3 days at level 18)
  • "Fired Up" – Flame Shirt (available for 2 days at level 25)
  • "Snowed In" – Winter Holiday Theme (available for 4 days at level 26)
  • "Pregnancy Pact" – Magic Potion of Man (available for 1 day at level 42)

Prioritize these when they pop up to claim these coveted prizes!

Handling Sims FreePlay Quest Timeouts

If you miss a quest deadline, don‘t panic! The quest will simply remain unfinished in your Goals until completed. All of the unlocked features and buildings will still be available. The only downside is missing out on time-limited rewards.

According to a recent survey, 89% of Sims FreePlay players have failed to finish quests in time. Don‘t feel bad about the occasional timeout! Just focus on playing at your own pace.

Special Quests on Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island introduces an exciting new quest avenue. These special island quests involve:

  • Exploring rainforests, peaks, caves, and beaches
  • Discovering unique plants, artifacts, creatures, and areas
  • Solving puzzles and secret tunnels
  • Learning island lore and unlocking new zones

Island-specific quests provide exotic adventures beyond regular gameplay.

Helpful tips:

  • Send Sims with maxed skills best suited for obstacles.
  • Take advantage of Island Tokens to aid quests.
  • Use the Rest Cottage to recharge exploring Sims.

Embark on thrilling journeys of discovery on Mysterious Island!

Ready to Queue Up Some Fun!

Being able to preview upcoming Sims FreePlay quests allows you to set yourself up for success. Take time to review quest requirements each play session so you can craft an efficient plan. Don‘t let multiple quests overwhelm you – just tackle them one at a time using the tips and advice provided above.

With a well-managed quest queue, you‘ll be unlocking exciting new content, earning sweet rewards, and delighting your community of Sims in no time. Happy questing!