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How to Skip Quests in Sims FreePlay Without Using LP

The Short Answer

You can‘t directly skip progression quests in Sims FreePlay, as they must be completed to advance in the game. However, for weekly and social tasks, you can skip individual tasks without using LP by focusing your Sims‘ efforts, proactively building skills/relationships, minimizing wait times, and effectively managing resources and priorities.

Quests in Sims FreePlay

Hey friend! As a fellow Sims enthusiast, I know how frustrating it can be when quests in Sims FreePlay hold you back from the fun stuff, like building that dream home or pursuing romances. But quests are key to unlocking new content and advancing through the game. Here‘s what you need to know about the two main quest types:

Progression Quests

These major questlines must be finished to move through the levels and unlock big milestones like marriage, babies, building additional homes, etc. Unfortunately, progression quests cannot be skipped – all goals have to be completed to move on.

Some examples of progression quests include:

  • New Pad – Unlocks building your first home
  • Keeping it Reel – Unlocks the movie hobby
  • Love is in the Air – Unlocks marriage

Social and Weekly Tasks

These provide minor goals like gaining social points, life dreams, or lifestyle points (LP). You can skip individual tasks by spending LP, but will miss out on any rewards.

Examples include:

  • Gain 50 social points
  • Achieve 3 life dreams
  • Earn 1000 lifestyle points

So while progression quests are mandatory, you do have some flexibility with weekly and social tasks. The key is maximizing efficiency so you can minimize the LP spent. Let‘s get into the tips!

How to Bypass Tasks Without Spending LP

Take it from me – I‘ve played through Sims FreePlay dozens of times and tried every trick to optimize my LP spending. Here are my top strategies:

1. Focus Efforts on 1-2 Sims

Social and weekly tasks often require multiple Sims to complete relationship building, skills practice, careers etc. Condense the workload by picking 1-2 favorite Sims to focus on quest tasks, and direct your attention away from other Sims. I find this really helps speed things up!

2. Prioritize Shorter/Easier Goals

Stay organized by regularly reviewing your quest log. Identify the shortest or easiest goals and knock those out first. For example, goals to earn 25 LP or make 2 friends can be achieved much faster than mastering a career or dating 5 Sims to love. Tackle the quick wins before long slogs.

3. Build Skills and Relationships Proactively

Don‘t wait for the quest! Get a jump start by proactively building skills and relationships. When relevant quest tasks pop up, your Sims will already be partway there. Having a Sim with high cooking skill, for instance, can help blast through a “master the cooking skill” goal.

4. Save LP for Long Wait Times

Avoid the temptation to spend LP speeding up every short action, which can drain your LP fast. Instead, be selective and spend LP only for activities with really long wait times of 8+ hours. Trust me, the patience pays off in the long run!

5. Cancel Non-Essential Social Events

While parties are fun, they eat up most of your Sims‘ day with non-productive socializing. Limit parties and cancel other time-intensive events like game nights to free up more time. Your Sims can socialize after achieving quest goals!

6. Assign Fewer Sims to Jobs

Jobs demand much of your Sims‘ energy and time. Where possible, assign fewer Sims to jobs and choose low-hour careers like painting or writing. This leaves more Sims free for quest tasks.

7. Stagger Actions

When multiple Sims have actions queued up, make sure to stagger their start times. This ensures at least 1 Sim is available at all times to keep working on quest tasks.

8. Invest in Time-Saving Items

Spend cash smartly on items that provide ongoing time savings for quest activities. For example, the Espresso Bar speeds all skill building, and the Love Guru Bed gives big relationship boosts. Time is precious, so invest wisely!

9. Send Idle Sims Home

When a non-essential Sim is at a neighbors‘ or venue with nothing to do, send them home. Every minute counts, so minimize idle time and keep Sims focused on quest tasks whenever possible.

10. Use Retry Tokens

For tough relationship or skill tasks requiring many real-time hours, LP can be well-spent on Retry Tokens allowing instant re-attempts. Just don‘t overuse them!

More Tips for Completing Quests Faster

In addition to skipping tasks, you can also blaze through quests using tricks like:

  • Set all Sims as unselectable to speed up time.
  • Use LP for instant finishing only on actions requiring 1+ real-time days.
  • Have highest-skilled Sims complete relevant quest tasks first.
  • Cook fast meals like BLTs instead of multi-hour feasts.
  • Send romancing Sims to date at neighbors‘ homes for faster relationship gains.
  • Schedule weekend Social events to easily satisfy fun and socialization.

LP Management for Avoiding Quest Skips

The less LP you need to spend on skips, the better! Here are some of my go-to tips:

  • Watch ad videos for ~15 free LP per day
  • Choose LP rewards over cash whenever possible
  • Dig for treasure daily to earn extra LP
  • Limit spending on consumables; invest in long-term permanent unlocks
  • Save LP for emergencies like very long wait times or ultra-rare items

Daily LP Earning Breakdown

To maximize daily LP earnings, make sure you:

  • Watch 8 video ads for ~15 LP
  • Check mailbox for free LP gifts (average ~5 LP)
  • Dig treasure chests around town (average ~10 LP)
  • Complete goals like skill building, relationship gains etc for LP rewards (average ~5-15 LP)

This can easily net you 35+ LP per day without spending real money!

In Conclusion

I hope these tips help you minimize LP spending while skipping tedious quest tasks in Sims FreePlay! With focus, prioritization, proactive relationship/skill building, and smart LP management you can accelerate through quests to get back to the fun stuff. Let me know if you have any other favorite tricks. Now get back to playing!