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How to Solve the Find Flames, Match Flames Puzzle in Fortnite

The latest season of Fortnite has introduced some ancient ruins to the island, along with challenging puzzles to solve. One of these puzzles is the “Find Flames” and “Match Flames” riddle, which may leave players confused. However, solving this puzzle is crucial for unlocking treasure vaults. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you find and solve the match flames puzzle in Fortnite.

There are two jungle temple locations where you will encounter the “Find Flames” prompt. The first is the Hidden Temple, located northwest of Creeky Compound amidst the cliffs. The second is the Southern Temple, situated southeast of Rumble Ruins on the edge of the jungle biome. Both temples have sealed doors and hidden treasure vaults that can only be accessed by matching flames.

When you approach the Hidden Temple, you must offer a Rare or better quality item to open the initial door. Once inside, you will find four lit braziers and chests to loot. Take note of the burning and extinguished braziers. Return to the main entrance and offer a Legendary or higher rarity item to proceed. In the next room, you will find four unlit braziers. You must light and extinguish the braziers to match the pattern observed downstairs. Sync all four braziers, and the final door will open, revealing the treasure vault.

The process is similar at the Southern Temple. Offer an Epic or higher rarity item to open the initial door. In the next room, you will find five braziers and a door instructing you to “Find Flames” and “Match Flames.” Go upstairs to the temple and observe the pattern of the five corresponding braziers. Return to the downstairs room and light or extinguish the braziers to match the observed pattern. When all five braziers match, the door will open, bringing you closer to the treasure.

At the Southern Temple, there is one final locked door after matching the braziers. This door instructs you to “seek statue” and points to two large effigies on either side. Interact with the correct statue to access the treasure vault.

Solving the Find Flames, Match Flames Puzzle in Fortnite requires careful observation and matching of the braziers' patterns. Successfully completing these puzzles will reward players with valuable treasures.