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How to Update Your Nvidia Graphics Card Drivers with GeForce Experience

If you want to keep your Nvidia graphics card's drivers up-to-date, GeForce Experience is the best tool to use. This free software utility is already installed on prefab PCs with Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, but you can also download it from Nvidia's website if you installed the graphics card yourself.

GeForce Experience will notify you whenever there is a new driver update available. A small pop-up will appear on the bottom-right corner of your screen, allowing you to easily open the utility. If you miss the pop-up, you can manually open the utility by following these steps:

1. Right-click on the Nvidia icon located in your toolbar at the bottom-right of your screen. Note: You may need to click the arrow to reveal hidden icons.
2. Select “Nvidia GeForce Experience” from the options.
3. Click on the “Drivers” tab located on the top-left of the utility.
4. If a driver update is available, click the green “Download” button.
5. Once the driver finishes downloading, click the green “Express Installation” button.
6. Allow the new driver to install. Your screen may briefly go dark a couple of times during this process.
7. After the installation is complete, you can close GeForce Experience.

If you prefer to customize the driver installation, you can click the “Custom Installation” button to choose which components to install. However, the default “Express Installation” is generally recommended for most users.