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How to Use Console Commands on Xbox to Cheat in Starfield

Starfield, the highly anticipated space-faring RPG, offers players on PC the ability to use console commands as cheat codes. These commands allow players to do various things like spawn items and activate god mode. However, console players on Xbox Series X and S do not have access to these cheats.

Fortunately, players have discovered a workaround that allows Xbox users to enjoy some of the cheating action. By downloading Starfield on a PC using the Xbox App, players can transfer their save files from Xbox to PC using the same Microsoft account. This means that any modifications made with cheats on the PC version will carry over to the Xbox version when played later.

This trick has been used by players to bypass Starfield's weight limit, add more items like digipicks, medipacks, and credits, and make gameplay more enjoyable. Additionally, a mod on PC prevents achievement progress from being turned off when using console commands.

While Starfield has garnered attention for its ship creator and hidden references to other games, such as Skyrim, it has also faced criticism for its rough start and core aggravations. Despite these issues, the game's “immense amount of quality roleplaying quests and interesting NPCs” has captivated players.

In conclusion, console players on Xbox can utilize the Xbox App and a PC to access some of Starfield's cheat codes through console commands. This allows for greater flexibility and enjoyment in gameplay. However, it's important to note that these cheats may affect achievement progress.

– IGN's Starfield Console Commands Guide
– Wesley Yin-Poole, UK News Editor for IGN.