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Hurdling Set to Return in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

Hurdling, the gameplay mechanic introduced in Fortnite, is expected to make a comeback in Chapter 5 Season 1. Although this information is not officially confirmed by Epic Games, leaker Wensoing suggests that it will be added back to the game. This news is welcomed by players as many didn't have the chance to fully experience hurdling when it was initially introduced.

The fact that hurdling is making a return after a year indicates that Epic Games has been working on refining and improving the mechanic. It is likely that they have addressed the performance issues and bugs that plagued it in the past.

According to Wensoing, hurdling will be different this time around. It will not be set to automatically trigger like in Chapter 4 Season 1. Instead, players will have the option to toggle it on and off manually. To hurdle over small obstacles such as fences and walls, players will need to press the jump button.

This change will give players more control over the mechanic, allowing them to use it when needed. Additionally, Epic Games is reportedly implementing safety features alongside hurdling. If a hurdle results in players taking fall damage, the mechanic will be automatically disabled. This prevents players from jumping over obstacles that may lead to dangerous pitfalls. However, it remains to be seen how effectively this safety feature will work considering the diverse map in Fortnite.

The return of hurdling on a permanent basis will enhance the overall mobility in the game, allowing players to navigate the map more smoothly. Hopefully, this time around, the mechanic will not cause players to be launched into the sky and will remain in the game for a longer duration.