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Immutable Launches Public Testing of Immutable zkEVM Layer-2 Blockchain

Immutable, a web3 gaming platform, has announced the commencement of public testing for its new layer-2 blockchain known as Immutable zkEVM. The goal of this new blockchain is to reduce reliance on a single network infrastructure. The zkEVM is a zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup feature that aims to lower gas fees and increase transaction capacity. It is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, allowing developers to seamlessly migrate their existing smart contracts from Ethereum to Immutable's zkEVM testnet.

The Immutable zkEVM is built with Polygon's Supernets, a program that facilitates the creation of application-specific blockchains. This new layer-2 blockchain will operate in addition to Immutable X, a validium solution built with StarkNet, which is currently ranked as the seventh-largest layer-2 project according to L2Beat.

The introduction of Immutable's zkEVM and Polygon's collaboration aims to enhance optionality and flexibility for game developers. It provides them with a variety of infrastructure partners to choose from, reducing the risk associated with committing to a single partner.

This new development is part of Immutable's strategy to expand and improve the web3 gaming ecosystem. By offering developers multiple layer-2 solutions, Immutable aims to address issues related to scalability and cost-efficiency in the gaming industry.

In conclusion, Immutable's launch of public testing for its zkEVM layer-2 blockchain and collaboration with Polygon Labs signifies a significant step towards creating a more robust and versatile infrastructure for web3 gaming applications.