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Importance of Password Management for Online Privacy and Security

Online privacy is a critical concern as it can lead to data theft and even the sale of personal information on the internet. To protect ourselves, it is essential to have strong passwords and rotate them regularly. While this may not always prevent data breaches, it can certainly reduce the risk. Fortunately, there are excellent password manager apps available that not only generate highly secure passwords but also store them safely, eliminating the need to remember them manually.

Sadly, Sony recently experienced a potential data breach, with a ransom group allegedly threatening to sell stolen data unless the company pays a ransom. As a result, some PlayStation users are contemplating deleting their accounts to avoid the risk of financial information being compromised. However, having strong, rotating passwords along with a reliable password manager app can be a proactive measure to protect against such risks.

Back in 2011, Sony faced a notorious cyberattack that resulted in the PlayStation Network being taken offline for more than 20 days, and a reported 77 million PSN accounts were leaked online. Fortunately, the recent incident does not appear to be as severe. Some experts believe the data breach may be fake, which could explain why Sony is relatively quiet about it. Nevertheless, it is still advisable to change Sony and PlayStation passwords as a precautionary measure.

Additionally, enabling two-step verification and using passwords or passcodes when signing into PSN or making purchases can provide an extra layer of security. Taking these steps can help safeguard personal information and ensure online safety. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry.