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Improvements Promised for Remnant 2 Game Performance

The developer of Remnant 2 has pledged to enhance the game's performance after its successful launch. Currently, it is the second best-selling game on Steam, climbing 14 spots since last week. Remnant 2 has achieved a significant launch on Valve's platform, with nearly double the number of concurrent players compared to its predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes. As of now, Remnant 2 holds the 12th position in the list of most-played games on Steam, with 53,848 concurrent players and a peak today of 82,872.

Although the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, the developer, Gunfire Games, acknowledges that a small portion of players have encountered bugs. Development director Ben Gabbard mentioned in a blog post that they take these issues seriously and are actively working to identify and resolve them. Several issues, such as progression blockers in the Labyrinth and Nightweaver's Web, along with problems related to the Waterharp Puzzle, have already been addressed. Gunfire Games will continue to deliver fixes for any remaining issues in the upcoming days and weeks.

Gabbard outlined some of the specific issues currently being addressed by Gunfire Games, which include improving overall performance, resolving crashes and issues with higher-end systems, fixing problems with the trait system, resolving progression blockers and missing items, and implementing other necessary fixes.

Gunfire Games also warned players not to use the Orb of Undoing if they have negative trait points, as it will result in the permanent loss of those points. The developer expressed gratitude for the support and understanding of the players and stated their determination to make Remnant 2 an unforgettable adventure for all.

Gunfire Games is also working to address a friend invite issue on the PlayStation 5 version of Remnant 2. The game is supposed to allow players to invite friends through the Friends menu, but this feature is currently missing. The developer assured players that they are actively working on a solution.

Remnant 2 has received a much larger audience across PC and console platforms compared to its predecessor. The game has been praised in IGN's review, where it was given a 9/10 rating, describing it as a revolutionary sequel and an exceptional example of the looter-shooter soulslike genre.

Crossplay is one of the most-requested features by players, although there have been no announcements from Gunfire Games regarding its implementation. Additionally, players are advised not to miss the post-credits scene in the game.