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Indie Platformer Only Up! Pulled from Steam Again, Developer Seeks Peace of Mind

Indie platformer Only Up! has been removed from the Steam store for the second time, and this time it seems to be for good. The developer, SCKR Games, has stated that they need “peace of mind and healing.” Additionally, their Twitter account has disappeared.

In a post on Steam addressing the game's future, SCKR Games explained that Only Up! was their first experience in game development and that they made a lot of mistakes while creating it. The stress of the game has taken a toll on the developer, leading them to decide to move on from it. They have made the decision to soon make the game unavailable on the Steam store.

Despite this, SCKR Games shared that they are not done with game development. They plan to take a break and continue their education in game design. They aim to gain new experiences and knowledge to pour into their next game, tentatively titled “Kith.” This new project will be a completely different genre and setting, with a focus on cinematography and realism. The developer hopes to work with a small team to create this challenging game and improve their skills in game design.

Only Up! gained popularity on Twitch during the summer, with popular streamers like xQc playing the game for their thousands of viewers. However, the game faced accusations of asset ripping and copyright infringement, including the unauthorized use of Final Fantasy's Victory Fanfare theme and models allegedly taken from other games. It also received criticism for featuring images from the Goblintown NFT series without proper permission.

The game had previously been delisted in June due to an accusation of misusing a 3D model created by German artist Aboulicious. Although the anime girl model was initially removed, it was later added back into the game before SCKR Games decided to remove it permanently.

In conclusion, SCKR Games has chosen to pull Only Up! from Steam permanently to focus on their well-being. They plan to continue their game development journey with a new project that will push their skills even further. Only time will tell what lies ahead for SCKR Games and their upcoming game, “Kith.”

– Indie platformer: This refers to a video game developed and published by an independent studio or individual.
– Steam: Steam is a digital distribution platform for video games developed by Valve Corporation.

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