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Intel Unveils Thunderbolt 5: The Ultimate PC Cable

Intel is set to revolutionize PC connectivity with Thunderbolt 5, the latest iteration of its high-speed cable technology. With up to three times the bandwidth of Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 5 promises exceptional performance and a host of exciting features for PC users.

Thunderbolt 4, released in 2020, was seen as an improvement over its predecessor, Thunderbolt 3, with increased efficiency and support for multiple 4K screens. However, Thunderbolt 5 takes a major leap forward by incorporating the USB4 v2 specification, which offers even faster speeds. Intel has made key features mandatory for Thunderbolt 5, including a baseline speed of 80 Gbps and support for up to 120 Gbps with bandwidth boosting.

One standout feature of Thunderbolt 5 is its support for multiple 8K displays and gaming monitors running at an impressive 540Hz. This will enhance the visual experience for gamers and professionals working with graphic-intensive applications.

In terms of charging power, Thunderbolt 5 offers a minimum of 140 watts and a more powerful 240-watt mode. This means that some gaming laptops and workstations may no longer require a separate power port, reducing cable clutter and allowing for greater convenience when charging.

Additionally, Thunderbolt 5 will support the DisplayPort 2.1 and PCI Express Gen 4 standards. The increased bandwidth provided by these standards will benefit a range of accessories, such as external GPUs and faster external storage options.

While Intel has announced that Thunderbolt 5 accessories and PCs will be available in 2024, there is currently no specific release date. It is possible that Intel is withholding more information to prevent potential customers from delaying purchases in anticipation of Thunderbolt 5.

Overall, Thunderbolt 5 represents a significant advancement in PC connectivity. With its impressive speed, support for high-resolution displays, and powerful charging capabilities, Thunderbolt 5 promises to meet the needs of even the most demanding PC users.

– Thunderbolt: A high-speed cable technology developed by Intel that allows for data transfer and power delivery over a single cable.
– Bandwidth: The amount of data that can be transmitted over a communication channel in a given amount of time.
– USB-C: A type of USB connector that is reversible and can transmit both power and data.
– PCIe Gen 4: The fourth generation of the PCI Express standard, which provides faster data transfer speeds than previous generations.

Source: Intel