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Introducing A.K.I., the New DLC Character in Street Fighter 6

Capcom has just released the gameplay debut trailer for A.K.I., the highly anticipated DLC character in Street Fighter 6. This new character is set to be released next month, and the trailer offers a glimpse into her unique abilities and fighting style.

A.K.I.'s finger claws give her an extended range in her strikes, similar to Gen's Mantis style from previous games, but with her own unique flair. Her claws can also extend out like whips, allowing her to strike from longer distances or create deadly traps by hitting the ground, leaving a puddle of poison for her opponents to navigate.

It appears that A.K.I. will possess a poison mechanic, similar to F.A.N.G. in Street Fighter 5. Some of her attacks will turn her enemies purple, draining their health or possibly affecting other aspects of gameplay. However, since the UI is not visible in the trailer, the details of this mechanic are yet to be revealed.

A.K.I. is scheduled to be released on September 27 as part of the Year 1 Character Pass, which costs $30 USD. Alternatively, she can be purchased individually for 350 Fighter Coins, equivalent to around $7–8. Players can now watch the exciting trailer showcasing A.K.I.'s gameplay and get a glimpse of what this new character has to offer.

For more information about A.K.I.'s backstory and her role in Street Fighter 6, be sure to check out our dedicated video on the topic.

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– Street Fighter 6 Official Gameplay Trailer