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Introducing the 8BitDo Micro Bluetooth Controller

The 8BitDo Micro Bluetooth Controller is a tiny piece of PC hardware that will surely bring a smile to any appreciator of comically small devices. Measuring just 72mm (2.8 inches) wide and 14.1mm (.55 inches) thin, weighing only 24.8 grams, it's hard to believe just how small this controller is. It may be best suited for those with nimble fingers or young gamers.

Aside from its compact size, the Micro offers more than meets the eye. It can be used as a classic game controller and also features a “Keyboard Mode.” This mode allows users to map shortcuts to various software applications, making it useful as a remote clicker for presentations or as a controller for photo editing. The Micro can be connected to a wide range of devices via Bluetooth, including Android and iOS devices, PCs, Macs, Nintendo Switches, and even the Steam Deck. It can also be used with a wired connection through USB Type-C.

Despite its small size, the Micro manages to house a 180mAh rechargeable battery. 8BitDo claims that this battery provides approximately 10 hours of gameplay with a charging time of 1-2 hours. While not the most impressive battery life, it is respectable for such a compact device.

Available in blue or green, the 8BitDo Micro Bluetooth Gamepad can be purchased directly from 8BitDo for $25. It's worth noting that this isn't the smallest controller that 8BitDo offers; that distinction goes to the Zero2, which is described as a “key-chain-sized” controller but lacks some of the features found in the Micro.