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Introducing the New Duel Pass and Accessories for Master Duel

In the latest update for Master Duel, a new Duel Pass has been introduced that will be valid for the next 75 days. Players can level up their Normal Duel Pass to Level 50 and earn various rewards, including Gems, UR points, SR points, R points, N points, and an Ancient Fairy Dragon Icon. The Duel Pass (Gold) offers even more rewards, such as 100 UR points, 100 SR points, 80 R points, 80 N points, and 700 Gems.

In addition to the new Duel Pass, there are also new accessories available in the game. The Protector accessory features Ohime the Manifested Mikanko, while the Deluxe Protectors showcase Chaos Xyz Evolution – Galactic Gathering of Dragons. Players can also get an Icon depicting Purrely, a Card Case specifically for LIGHT Decks, an Icon Frame emitting a radiant glow, a Mate's Base shaped like a vortex, a deluxe Icon Frame representing Polymerization, and a Mate in the form of Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo.

Furthermore, there are new Secret Packs and Selection Packs to discover. The Noble Knights of Crimson Flowers Secret Pack is available for a limited time and offers various rare cards. The Galactic Evolution Selection Pack introduces new trump cards like “Number C62: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon” and “Purrely.” Additionally, players can participate in a campaign that rewards them with a “Galactic Evolution” Pack Ticket for logging in.

Another Secret Pack called Beetle Troops Roll Out has been released, featuring powerful Beetroopers and veteran Inzektor units. Players have the opportunity to obtain cards from this pack for free until October 10th.

Lastly, a new Structure Deck called Hidden Arts of Shadows has been added, focusing on “Ninja” monsters and various “Ninjitsu Art” cards. This deck includes exclusive cards that cannot be obtained in any other way, making it a must-have for fans of ninjas in the game.

Get ready to enhance your Master Duel experience with these exciting new updates and accessories!


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