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Introducing the Starfield DLSS 3 Mod by LukeFZ

LukeFZ, the modder behind the FSR2toDLSS bridge, has recently released his own DLSS Frame Generation mod for Starfield. Unlike other mods, this one is completely free, although you can still support LukeFZ on his Patreon page if you wish.

The installation process for this mod is as follows: download the release compatible with your game version, extract it into the game directory, and download the latest DLSS and DLSS-FG DLLs and place them in the ‘streamline' folder in the game directory. Afterward, launch the game.

Compared to other mods, the Starfield DLSS 3 mod by LukeFZ does not have a separate menu to adjust the parameters. Instead, you can manually modify the config.json file after starting the game. However, this should not be necessary as long as FSR 2 is activated in the game's settings, and the quality mode can be adjusted using the render scale slider.

Enabling DLSS Frame Generation in Starfield can significantly improve frame rates in specific scenarios. However, similar to other mods, it has been reported that the mod may crash when loading or switching to a menu. This issue affects random users and is currently being investigated for a future fix.

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– “Just a few days after PureDark released his Starfield DLSS 3 mod…” (source not provided)
– Patreon page for LukeFZ