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Introducing Warhaven: A Free-to-Play Medieval Fantasy Combat Game

Warhaven is an exciting and immersive free-to-play player-versus-player medieval fantasy combat game that offers an intense gaming experience for up to 32 players. With dynamic melee combat, captivating lore, and a variety of game modes, Warhaven provides both newcomers and veteran players with countless hours of entertainment.

Choose Your Soldier, Lead Your Squad

Warhaven allows players to select from a roster of unique soldiers, each with their own motivations for fighting in the war-torn land of Herarth. Coordinate with your squad before each battle, devise tactical strategies, and outwit your foes to claim victory. Control footholds and powerful war engines to gain an edge over your enemies.

Become an Immortal

Soldiers who excel in battle have the opportunity to incarnate as an avatar of the Immortals, powerful gods who dominate the battlefield. Seize immortality and swing the pendulum of fate in your favor as you overwhelm enemy squads single-handedly and take control of the entire battlefield.

Explore a Captivating World

The world of Warhaven is a captivating blend of medieval and modern elements, creating a unique fantasy setting. Immerse yourself in the rich lore of Herarth, which draws inspiration from diverse real-world cultures. From armor design to mythological creatures, every aspect of Warhaven's world is carefully crafted to provide an immersive gaming experience.

Earn Glory in Epic Battles

Engage in epic 32-player battles across multiple maps that offer a perfect balance between massive melee brawls and intense one-on-one duels. Utilize your soldier's unique weapons and abilities to shape the battlefield in your favor. Take control of cannons, ballistae, and war machines to keep the pressure on your enemies.

Plan, Coordinate, Conquer

Teamwork is crucial in Warhaven, and collaboration with your team unlocks hidden strategic possibilities. Earn Squad Medals by fighting alongside your allies and use them to summon powerful Relics. Develop strategies, customize your playstyle, and trust your instincts to achieve victory.

Classic Game Modes with a Twist

Warhaven offers a variety of game modes and intricate maps that provide refreshing and tactical gameplay. In Dominion, capture and defend strategic footholds to gain battlefield advantages. In Skirmish, face off against the enemy in an intense brawl for control over central footholds. Use devastating cannon bombardments and mounted weapons to scatter opponents or pave the way for your allies.

With its intuitive combat system, Warhaven is accessible to newcomers while offering depth and complexity for experienced players. Whether you prefer fast-paced action or strategic gameplay, Warhaven has something for everyone. Join the battle and experience the thrill of medieval fantasy combat like never before.


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