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Investigations are Underway for NVIDIA 535 Driver Series Issues on Linux with Proton

In recent months, users have reported encountering problems when attempting to run Steam games on Linux with Proton using the NVIDIA 535 driver series. Investigations are currently taking place to address this issue.

A report on the Proton GitHub in June pointed out that Proton 8 and Proton Experimental were unable to create a new prefix. A prefix is a special directory set up by Proton, which contains all the necessary Windows files for each game to run. Several comments, including those from Proton developers, have since confirmed this problem.

Interestingly, the issue persists even if the user is using an AMD GPU and has some NVIDIA driver components installed. The setup process becomes stuck on DXSETUP and fails to proceed any further.

A recent comment from a Proton developer on the GitHub issue provides some relief. The developer mentioned that the problem appears to be related to address space exhaustion. DXSETUP, being a 32-bit process, can only address 4GB of memory. The NVIDIA 535 driver series seems to be more memory-intensive compared to previous versions, causing crashes. The issue has been acknowledged by NVIDIA.

To mitigate the problem, users are advised to uninstall any Vulkan drivers that are not in use. For NVIDIA users, this means removing all Mesa components, including extra Vulkan layers, and vice versa. This action prevents unnecessary loading of drivers, freeing up the limited address space.

Additionally, it has been suggested that users facing this issue could try using Proton 7 initially to launch a game, even if it doesn't work properly, and then switch to Proton 8 or Proton Experimental.

The investigations into the NVIDIA 535 driver series issues on Linux with Proton are ongoing, and updates will be provided as more information becomes available.