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Iron Banner Mayhem: Sparrows Unleashed in Destiny 2 PvP

In a surprising turn of events, Destiny 2 developers Bungie accidentally left the Sparrows enabled in the recent Iron Banner, leading to chaos and mass roadkill in the PvP mode. Iron Banner, a limited-time event where players compete for special rewards, has returned during the Season of the Witch. However, this time, Bungie unintentionally enabled Sparrows, allowing players to wreak havoc on their opponents with their vehicles.

Traditionally, Destiny 2 is known for its immersive PvE experiences, such as well-designed raids and exotic quests. PvP, on the other hand, usually takes a backseat despite having a dedicated skill-based PvP community. Iron Banner serves as a way to highlight the PvP side of the game, but Bungie's oversight brought about a unique twist to the mode.

Sparrows are the Guardians' means of transportation in Destiny 2. They allow players to traverse the open world quickly and even deal damage to enemies by ramming into them at high speeds. With Sparrows enabled in Iron Banner, players had the opportunity to indulge in vehicular combat, taking out their opponents by mercilessly running them over.

While gunplay and smart ability usage are meant to be the focus in Iron Banner, the accidental inclusion of Sparrows created a chaotic and unpredictable environment. Fellow Guardians had to watch out for reckless drivers and be vigilant to avoid becoming roadkill.

It remains to be seen whether Bungie will disable Sparrows or leave them as an unexpected addition to the Iron Banner. In the meantime, players should exercise caution and make sure to check for oncoming vehicles before venturing into the fray. Iron Banner has taken an unexpected turn, and only the most astute Guardians will survive the vehicular mayhem.

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