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Is 128GB Enough Storage for Genshin Impact Mobile?

Hey friend! Steven here, your favorite techie geek and gaming enthusiast. You asked if 128GB is enough storage to run Genshin Impact smoothly on mobile. After diving into the data as an experienced Genshin player myself, I‘d say 128GB is workable, but not ideal. Here‘s a detailed breakdown of why.

Short Answer

Genshin Impact requires a minimum of 15GB on mobile currently, but can easily exceed 30GB with major updates. So 128GB may be tight for storage within a few updates. I‘d recommend 256GB or higher for a comfortable experience.

Storage Needs Grow Over Time

Upon initial install, Genshin only requires around 15GB as per the official requirements. But take it from me, that number is just the beginning!

As a user since day one, I‘ve watched the install size grow rapidly with each major update:

Version Release Date Install Size
1.0 Sept 2020 10.7 GB
2.0 July 2021 12.6 GB
2.5 Jan 2022 17.2 GB
3.0 Aug 2022 27.5 GB
3.3 Dec 2022 31.3 GB

As you can see, the install size has nearly tripled in just over two years as exciting new regions like Inazuma and Sumeru were added.

Why So Much Growth?

Genshin Impact is renowned for its massive open world and graphical fidelity. As miHoYo expands the world and updates visuals, the install size increases. Some key factors:

  • High-resolution textures and models
  • Full Japanese/Chinese/English voice acting
  • New fully explorable regions
  • Detailed environmental enhancements

This level of quality needs significant storage capacity, especially on mobile. And with at least two more major regions planned, Genshin could exceed 50GB or more in the next couple years based on the current trajectory.

The Verdict on 128GB Phones

Given Genshin‘s historical growth, I think 128GB could start feeling cramped within a few major updates. You‘ll constantly need to juggle storage with uninstalling apps, offloading photos, and possibly reducing Genshin‘s graphics settings.

256GB provides much more breathing room. I recently upgraded to 512GB myself and now don‘t even think about storage with Genshin. So in summary:

  • 128GB – Possible, but requires compromises
  • 256GB – Comfortable currently and near future
  • 512GB+ – Ideal for long-term gameplay without worries

Let‘s look at some tips to stretch 128GB if that‘s the maximum your phone allows.

Tips for 128GB Phones

If you‘re stuck with a 128GB device, use these tips to free up precious storage for Genshin:

1. Remove Unused Apps

Regularly prune unused apps and games. Even if you don‘t launch an app anymore, it can still consume storage. Be ruthless here – storage is zero-sum with Genshin!

2. Offload Photos/Videos

Modern phone cameras produce massive photos/videos. Offload these to cloud storage or external SD card regularly to avoid filling your phone.

3. Disable HD Assets

In Genshin settings, you can disable high-res graphics/audio to reduce the install size by ~10GB. This impacts visual quality but may be necessary on 128GB phones.

4. Delete Voice Packs

Genshin includes full voice acting in 3 languages. If you only play in English, deleting the Japanese and Chinese packs saves ~5GB per language.

5. Clear Genshin Cache

Over time, Genshin caches a lot of temporary data that isn‘t cleared automatically. Manually clearing this after major updates provides some modest storage relief.

Minimum Recommended Storage

To sum up, if you‘re getting a new phone specifically for Genshin Impact, here are my recommended minimum capacities:

  • Entry-level: 256GB
  • Enthusiast: 512GB
  • Expert: 1TB

Of course, your needs may vary depending on other installed apps, photos/videos, etc. But these provide reasonable targets for an optimal Genshin experience now and into the future.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy to help fellow Genshin fans manage their storage needs.

Your friend,