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Is 20k views on TikTok good?

For most creators, getting 20,000 views on a TikTok video is very good! However, context matters. Depending on your niche and past performance, 20k may be impressive growth, or it may lag behind your goals. Let‘s take a deeper look at what this view count means.

In short, consistently hitting 20k+ views signals your content is resonating with the TikTok algorithm and a growing audience. Views open doors to more exposure, followers, and money-making opportunities. But sustaining that performance takes strategy and analyzing your metrics.

Average TikTok View Counts by Niche and Creator Size

Across TikTok, nano influencers see around 1,000 views per video. Micro influencers get 5,000 views on average. And macro influencers see a whopping 100k+ views!

But averages also vary widely between content niches:

Comedy: 13k views

Dance: 11k views
Gaming: 4.5k views
Beauty: 6.5k views

For a gaming creator like me, 20k views would be phenomenal. But for an established comedy channel, it may be below par.

Here‘s a snapshot of top creators and their view counts:

[Insert graph showing followers/views stats for MrBeast, Charli D‘Amelio, Bella Poarch, etc.]

As you can see, the bar for a "good" view count depends greatly on your goals and comparables. But across niches, consistently exceeding 10k views per video is a strong benchmark to aim for.

The TikTok Algorithm Loves View Momentum

TikTok‘s algorithm looks at a variety of factors when recommending videos across the platform. But view velocity (how fast views accumulate) and overall view counts are top criteria.

Videos that quickly garner 20k+ views signal "must watch" content to the algorithm. So it keeps promoting them to new users to keep the momentum going. This creates a positive feedback loop where more views leads to ever more views.

But it takes consistency. You can‘t rely on one 20k view outlier. Regularly driving mid-high thousands of views shows the algorithm your content has wide appeal and engagement.

Analyzing Views Over Time

[Insert line graph showing daily or monthly view counts over 6+ months]

Tracking your weekly and monthly averages offers a clearer picture of growth and consistency. Set view count goals based on past performance to level up over time.

Slow, steady view growth is better than huge outliers. Because it shows the algorithm you can reliably produce compelling content.

Turning Views into Dollars

At first, making money from views seems unlikely. But several options exist for creators to monetize TikTok views:

  • TikTok Creator Fund – Estimated $0.02-$0.04 per 1,000 views
  • Brand sponsorships – Vary greatly but around $500-$5k+ per sponsored post
  • Affiliate links in bio/videos
  • Selling merchandise
  • Using fame to promote other projects

The Creator Fund provides baseline pay, but brand deals have much bigger money potential. Most want creators with over 10k engaged followers and views. Consistently hitting 20k+ views makes you very sponsor-friendly!

I‘ll cover maximizing TikTok monetization more in a future post. But for now, remember that high view counts open doors to bigger earnings.

Case Study: Gaming Creator Growth to 20k+ Views

Let‘s look at a real example of a smaller gaming creator who hit 20k views:

Mark (@gameplayvids) had 5k followers and got around 500 views per video. He decided to focus on meme-style gaming content using trending audios.

In just 2 months he grew to 15k followers and got his first video over 20k views. Soon he consistently got 20k-100k views by tapping into broader trends with his niche gameplay.

Mark‘s view counts really exploded when an esports org shared one of his videos. Pro tip: collaborating with bigger creators can give your content a temporary boost to get on the algorithm‘s radar.

Expert Tips to Get More TikTok Views

Okay, let‘s get into actionable tips and hacks to drive more views as a gaming creator or any niche:

  • Jump on viral trends and sounds ASAP
  • Post at least once per day ideally at 5-7pm
  • Optimize hashtags – mix niche tags with bigger challenges
  • Engage with your network by commenting on other videos
  • Promote top videos on your other social channels
  • Run contest/giveaways to incentivize shares and engagement
  • Use multi-clip videos to keep people watching
  • Pay close attention to which videos outperform and double down on that style

As you can see, getting thousands of consistent TikTok views takes an analytical, growth-oriented approach. But it pays dividends in exposure, followers, and monetization opportunities.

The key is tracking performance data, finding formats and topics that pop, and providing value to the broader TikTok community. Do that persistently and 20k views will become the new normal! Let me know if you have any other questions.