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Is a Fortnite Lego Crossover in the Works?

A recent Lego promotion featuring Fortnite streamer Loserfruit has sparked speculation about a potential in-game crossover with Fortnite. Last year, Epic Games announced a partnership with The Lego Group to create an immersive digital experience for kids. While the announcement did not specifically mention Fortnite, many believe that an in-game crossover and officially licensed Fortnite Lego sets are inevitable.

The Lego promotion, part of a Play Unstoppable campaign, showcased a custom Brickheadz figure designed to resemble Loserfruit's Fortnite skin. While the promotion may be separate from any future Lego Fortnite products, it does indicate the possibility of Lego launching Fortnite figures and sets.

Rumors of a major in-game Lego event have been circulating, with leaks suggesting that a “massive” Lego-themed update is planned for November. This update is expected to be substantial enough to warrant a new season but is not technically a new season itself.

In addition to the Lego crossover speculation, other leaks have surfaced suggesting that characters from the My Hero Academia anime and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could be added to Fortnite. It is believed that the timing of the Ninja Turtles addition aligns with the release of a new movie and could be a strategic marketing move.

While no official confirmation has been given for any of these collaborations, the excitement among Fortnite fans continues to grow. It remains to be seen whether these leaks and rumors will come to fruition, but a Fortnite Lego crossover would undoubtedly be a massive event within the gaming community.

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