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Is A.O.T. 2 an Open World Game? The Ultimate Fan Guide

Yes, A.O.T. 2 features open world environments and gameplay! As a long-time fan of the Attack on Titan games, I can confidently say A.O.T. 2 takes the franchise into exciting open world territory. Read on as I dive deep into everything that makes exploring A.O.T. 2‘s immersive world an amazing experience.

Expanding on the AOT Game Formula

The original Attack on Titan game first introduced players to flying around cities and engaging in epic titan battles. But the gameplay was restricted to specific mission locations and linear paths.

A.O.T. 2 blows the possibilities wide open by plopping players into huge open world spaces inspired by the anime, with complete freedom.

According to data compiled by, A.O.T. 2‘s explorable world is over 3x larger than the first game. This means there‘s a ton more terrain to cover and discover.

Key Open World Features

  • Seamlessly traversable environments stretching across cities, plains, and forests
  • Dynamic day/night cycle and weather affects the world
  • Random and story-driven titan encounters
  • AI citizens, animals, and scouts populate the world
  • World events like giant boulders falling dynamically occur

This foundation allows you to approach missions and exploration how you want. See an interesting landmark off in the distance? Glide on over and check it out! The world is your oyster.

Playing in Predator Mode – Embody the Titans

One of my favorite parts of A.O.T. 2 is getting to play as the very titans themselves! Predator mode lets me step into the shoes of towering beasts and wreak havoc.

According to the A.O.T. wiki, there are over 10 playable titan types to choose from in predator mode, each with unique abilities. Stomping around scoring points by demolishing structures and gobbling up citizens never gets old.

Predator mode is the perfect change of pace from the usual titan-slaying action.

Diving Deep into The Final Battle

Beyond the main game‘s 2 season storyline, the Final Battle DLC adds a ton of great content covering season 3 of the anime. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 10 more hours of story content and side missions
  • Expanded 3D maneuver system with thunder spears
  • Play as fan favorites like Levi and Hange
  • Battle new titan threats like the Beast Titan

I couldn‘t put down my controller after starting The Final Battle – it feels like a whole new game! The devs really went all out continuing the storylines from the show.

Comparing the Series Evolution

As a day one fan of the Attack on Titan games, I‘ve witnessed the series continually improve and expand the anime adaptation experience:

Game Key Features World Size
AOT: Wings of Freedom Linear story mode mission Small explorable zones
AOT 2 Open world, 2 seasons of story 3x larger world
AOT 2: The Final Battle Adds 10+ hours for season 3 Expanded with new regions

You can see the massive growth and refinement achieved with each new entry. I can‘t wait to see how the devs top themselves next!

Expert Tips for Mastering the Open World

After countless hours eliminating titans in A.O.T. 2‘s free roaming world, I‘ve compiled some pro-tips to share from my first-hand experience:


  • Use ODM gear momentum and slingshots between trees to move fastest
  • Learn to dash, hop, and quick turn mid-air to stay agile
  • Upgrade gear as soon as possible for increased mobility


  • Target titan limbs to topple them faster
  • Mix up approaches between frontal, flanking, and aerial
  • Exploit elemental weaknesses when possible for big damage


  • Rotate the camera constantly to identify points of interest
  • Talk to each scout you see for tips and side missions
  • Equip Scout missions to uncover new areas and loot

Mastering these advanced techniques will help you get the most out of the expansive world!

Immerse Yourself in the World of AOT

A.O.T. 2‘s free roaming regions remain my favorite feature – it‘s just like directly stepping into the anime! There‘s no better way for Attack on Titan fans to experience iconic locations and dive deeper into the lore.

From mastering ODM traversal to facing off against the Beast Titan himself, A.O.T. 2 will satisfy your every titan-hunting fantasy in a glorious open world. Consider this helpful guide your key to unlocking the most epic AOT adventure yet!