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Is Apple TV Free for Students? The Ultimate Guide

Hey there! As a fellow student, I know how tempting all the streaming services out there can be. But between classes, books, and ramen noodles, budget is tight. So you might be wondering – can I get Apple TV for free as a student?

The short answer is yes, you can! Apple offers some sweet deals that allow students like us to stream shows and movies on Apple TV+ without paying a dime. Let me walk you through how I get my Apple TV fix for free, as well as some pro tips I‘ve picked up.

Snag Apple TV+ as a Free Student Add-On

The simplest way to get Apple TV for free is by signing up for Apple Music‘s student plan. For just $4.99/month after a free trial, you get access to over 90 million songs ad-free, thousands of expertly curated playlists, and – wait for it – Apple TV+ included at no extra cost!

Apple Music student subscriptions automatically unlock the full Apple TV+ library of original shows, movies, and documentaries. We‘re talking See, Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest, and all the Apple Originals, zero additional dollars.

This offer is ongoing, so you can enjoy Apple TV+ free as long as your Student Apple Music membership lasts. Totally clutch for budget-conscious streaming fans like us!

Now, Apple TV+ on its own normally costs $6.99/month. So by bundling it with Apple Music’s student discount, we save $7/month or $84 per year. Not a bad gig for the cost of like two lattes.

According to Apple‘s website, student packages give you:

  • Apple Music Student – $4.99/month after free trial
  • Apple TV+ – Included at no cost
  • Total Savings – Up to $84/year

To recap, here‘s how to take advantage of this sweet deal:

  1. Head to Apple‘s education store and choose the Apple Music Student plan.
  2. Use your student email to verify eligibility.
  3. Start watching Apple Originals in the TV app once subscribed!

Stack Free Trials to Get Up to 6 Months Free

Okay, say you aren’t ready to commit to a music streaming membership. I feel you. In that case, you can still score Apple TV+ for free as a student by taking advantage of new device offers.

When you purchase any new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, or iPod touch, you qualify for 3 months of Apple TV+ on the house.

According to the Apple TV+ website, all you have to do is:

  1. Buy a new device and turn it on.
  2. Accept the free trial prompt when setting up.
  3. Enjoy 3 months of free streaming access to all Apple originals!

Now, the trick is that this offer applies for every new Apple gadget you get. So as students who are always upgrading to the latest tech, we can stretch the free streaming even longer by buying multiple devices back-to-back!

For example, say you buy an iPad Pro for the new semester, snagging 3 free months. Then two months later, you get the new iPhone. Just lather, rinse and repeat the steps above to claim another 3 month trial.

If you time it right, you could conceivably get 6 months or more of Apple TV+ without paying a dollar!

According to Apple’s terms, you have 90 days after activating a new device to claim the offer. So as long as you act quickly after each new purchase, you can really maximize the free streaming.

Pretty sweet right? Of course after the trials end you’ll have to start paying, unless you have the Apple Music student plan.

Education Discounts – Save Up to 25% on Apple TV Devices

Okay, beyond free streaming access, students can also save on Apple TV hardware. As you probably know, Apple offers special education pricing on many devices.

Here are the current discounts on Apple TV models:

  • Apple TV HD (32 GB): $129, save $20
  • Apple TV 4K (64 GB): $159, save $20

That‘s up to 25% off retail prices!

To claim the education pricing, just head to Apple‘s Education Store website, choose the Apple TV model you want, and provide proof of current student status at checkout.

According to Apple‘s Education Store FAQ, valid proof includes:

  • Student ID card
  • Tuition or enrollment bill
  • Acceptance letter
  • Report card

Pretty much anything that shows your name and school should work. The discount will be applied instantly.

Getting Apple TV hardware for less means you can enjoy streaming, apps, and content mirroring at a lower student rate. Every dollar counts!

Set Up Family Sharing to Split the Cost

Let‘s say you used up all the free trials and student deals, but don‘t want to pay the regular $6.99 monthly Apple TV+ subscription solo. I feel you.

Well here‘s a slick trick – set up Family Sharing with your roomies!

Apple now allows you to share an Apple TV+ subscription with up to 5 other people.

According to Apple‘s support site, here‘s how to do it:

  1. Add each person to your Family Sharing group.
  2. On your device, enable sharing for Apple TV+ under media services.
  3. Family members can now watch Apple Originals in the TV app too!

By splitting a subscription up to 6 ways, you can knock the monthly cost down to just $1.16 each. Now that’s more budget-friendly!

Do note that the Apple Music student deal doesn‘t support Family Sharing. But your free Apple TV+ access through the music subscription can be shared no problem.

This is an awesome way for roommates or couples to save on streaming. The tech geek in me loves finding hacks like this!

Maximize Free Trials and Student Offers

Alright, let’s do a quick recap of how to maximize free Apple TV access as a student:

  • Stack new device trials – Buy Apple gadgets back-to-back to claim 3 months each.
  • Use Apple Music student plan – Get Apple TV+ included for just $4.99/month.
  • Share with family – Split an Apple TV+ subscription up to 6 ways.
  • Set reminders – To avoid accidental charges when trials end.
  • Use education discounts – Save up to 25% on Apple TV devices.

With the right mix of student deals, strategic timing, and crafty sharing, you can get Apple TV+ for free or really cheap.

I‘d take advantage of the new device trials first. Once those end, you’ve got a few options to keep streaming affordably.

Bottom line – we’ve got the tools to make Apple TV work for a student budget!

How Apple TV+ Compares to Other Streamers

Now I know you’re savvy when it comes to streaming options. You’re probably wondering how Apple TV+ stacks up to platforms like Netflix or Disney+.

Well in terms of catalog size, Apple TV+ is still a lot smaller with just Apple originals. But the free year of access helps make up for that!

Here‘s a quick breakdown of how Apple TV+ compares on cost and student deals:

Service Student Rate Free Options
Netflix No student discount No free tier
Hulu $1.99/month for 1 year Limited catalog free
Disney+ $2.99/month for 4 years Occasional free trials
Apple TV+ Free with Apple Music student Multiple free trials

Based on this comparison, Apple TV+ offers the most generous free access. Even after using the trials, we can keep watching Apple Originals with the discounted music subscription.

Of course, having Netflix and Hulu in addition is ideal to get the full variety of shows and movies. But Apple provides a nice free supplemental option!

Explore Ways to Stream Apple Content For Free

Okay last pro tip – there are actually a few ways to access Apple TV content without paying at all. For example:

  • Use the 7-day free trial of Apple TV+ to binge a series.
  • Watch the free Apple content in the "Watch Now" section.
  • Check for any free rental codes for movies.
  • See if any Apple Originals make their way to other services.
  • Use another platform‘s free trial that includes Apple TV app access.

It takes some persistence, but with the above options you can feasibly get your Apple TV fix for zero dollars.

And don‘t forget about DVD rental places on campus! For new Apple Originals, you might have to wait a few months after premiere, but patience pays off.

I don‘t know about you, but I love the thrill of finding entertainment for cheap or free. It makes the streaming experience even sweeter!

Bottom Line

Well friend, that covers everything I‘ve discovered about getting Apple TV as a student on the cheap. The key takeaways:

  • Apple Music student plan = Apple TV+ included
  • Multiple device offers = months of free trials
  • Education pricing = 25% off Apple TV hardware
  • Family Sharing = split costs up to 6 ways

With the right mix of student deals, strategic planning, and money-saving tricks, you can definitely make Apple TV work with a student budget.

Hope this guide gives you a blueprint to get your Apple streaming fix for less. Enjoy! Now if you‘ll excuse me, I‘m going to binge the latest episode of Mythic Quest.