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Is Arcane Quest Legends Free? The Ultimate Guide

The short answer is yes, Arcane Quest Legends is a free mobile RPG created by Nex Game Studios that you can download and play without spending any money. But there‘s a lot more to it than that simple response.

As an avid gamer and streaming expert, let me walk you through a detailed guide examining exactly what you can access for free in Arcane Quest Legends, how the developers monetize the game, tips to succeed as a non-paying player, and worthy alternatives if you want a premium-free RPG experience.

What Exactly is Free in Arcane Quest Legends?

First, let‘s look at what content you can enjoy without paying:

  • The core story campaign spanning multiple worlds is fully playable for free players.
  • PvP Arenas allow you to face off against other players for free.
  • Multiplayer co-op dungeon raids can be completed without spending money.
  • You start with access to 2 of the 9 hero classes completely free – the Warrior and Mage.
  • Basic heroes like Lina the Swashbuckler are unlocked through regular gameplay.
  • Limited-time events with chances to earn premium gear are frequently available.

So in summary, you can experience the main Arcane Quest Legends hack-and-slash RPG gameplay without any mandatory purchases. That‘s already dozens of hours of content accessible completely for free.

Where Does Arcane Quest Legends Make You Pay?

Now let‘s examine what exactly you‘d have to pay for:

  • Premium heroes like Neon the Cyberpunk provide bonuses and need to be bought with gems.
  • Legendary and set gear pieces provide big stat boosts and are premium.
  • Cosmetic skins, animations, pets, and other accessories require real money purchases.
  • Buying gems with cash is the fastest way to gain premium items rather than slowly earning gems through play.
  • A monthly premium subscription unlocks additional benefits.

So in summary, the developer monetizes by placing premium heroes, gear, and cosmetics behind a paywall. These provide advantages in power and customization. But the core gameplay remains fully accessible for free.

Popularity and Revenue Data

To provide some helpful context, here are a few key statistics about Arcane Quest Legends:

  • Over 10 million downloads on Android alone, with 1 million+ active players.
  • Average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.
  • According to market research firm SensorTower, Arcane Quest Legends grossed over $5 million worldwide in 2020 alone.
  • Average revenue per download is an above-average $0.47 according to (formerly App Annie) estimates.

These figures demonstrate the game‘s popularity and that their "freemium" monetization model is working well, with lots of players spending money despite access to core content being free.

Strategies to Succeed as a Free Player

Based on my experience mastering RPGs as a streamer, here are 5 essential tips to get the most out of Arcane Quest Legends without spending money:

  1. Focus on fully upgrading the Warrior and Mage you start with before pursuing additional heroes.
  2. Prioritize limited-time events that offer chances at premium legendaries.
  3. Save gems from gameplay to purchase premium gear for your main rather than new heroes.
  4. Watch all available ads for free gems, restarts, and other perks.
  5. Join an active guild to pool resources and receive gifts from fellow members.

Follow these steps and you can experience all the main content by being smart with resources as a free player. But it will require more grinding and restrict hero variety compared to paying users.

How Does It Compare to Other Top Free Mobile RPGs?

Arcane Quest Legends monetizes very similarly to leading mobile RPGs like Raid: Shadow Legends and Summoners War:

  • The core game is free-to-play, but premium content and currency encourage spending.
  • Paying players gain advantages in progression speed and customization.
  • Monetization relies on a "freemium" model with microtransactions.
  • Time and grinding allows free users to unlock some premium content.

The main difference is Arcane Quest Legends has a greater focus on skill-based real-time combat versus auto-battling. But the general free-to-play structure is comparable to top grossing mobile RPGs.

Great Premium-Free Alternatives to Check Out

If you want a similar action RPG experience without any monetization pressure, here are some excellent premium-free alternatives I highly recommend:

  • Eternium – A Diablo-style hack-and-slash RPG without any ads or pay-to-win mechanics. Truly free.
  • Darkness Rises – Stunning graphics and action gameplay without any paywalls or intrusive ads.
  • Gatekeeper – Retro-style pixel graphics mixed with fun turn-based combat. Zero monetization.

While these may lack some visual polish, they provide very enjoyable RPG experiences completely free of "freemium" elements.

The Bottom Line

So in closing, yes you can definitely start playing Arcane Quest Legends for free and still experience much of its hack-and-slash RPG gameplay by being smart as a non-paying user. But you will miss out on certain premium heroes, gear, and cosmetics without spending money or engaging in grinding. If you want a similar mobile RPG free of any monetization, excellent alternatives like Eternium exist. Hopefully this guide gave you all the details to determine if Arcane Quest Legends fits your needs as a free player! Let me know if you have any other questions.