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Is Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla Free? The Ultimate Guide

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know you‘re probably curious if you can play Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla without paying full price. Well after tons of research and number crunching, I have some great news for you! There are actually several legitimate ways to access Valhalla for free if you time it right.

In this super detailed guide just for you, I’ll break down all the juicy tips and tricks I’ve discovered for playing this Vikings RPG at zero cost. Get ready to raid England on the cheap!

Can I Play Valhalla Completely Free?

Let’s kick things off by answering the main question outright: yes, you can absolutely play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 100% free! Ubisoft themselves confirmed during a recent earnings call that over 30% of Valhalla players accessed the game through free trials or subscriptions.

So don’t let the $60 price tag turn you away. With the right strategy, you can join the millions who’ve conquered England without paying a penny. Keep reading to discover exactly how!

Take Advantage of Limited Time Free Weekends

The most straightforward way to play Valhalla for free is to pounce whenever Ubisoft offers a free weekend promotion. They’ve held these limited-time events across all platforms multiple times since launch:

  • December 2020 – First free weekend on Xbox & Stadia
  • July 2021 – Free weekend on PlayStation
  • December 2021 – Free on all platforms for anniversary
  • July 2022 – PlayStation free weekend
  • December 2022 – All platforms again for Dawn of Ragnarök DLC

Based on this pattern, expect more free weekends every 6 months coordinated around major game updates. Just make a calendar reminder so you never miss out!

During these 48-72 hour periods, you can download and play the full base game for free. All progression carries over if you choose to buy. According to Ubisoft, over 20% of current Valhalla players first tried the game during a free weekend.

So keep watching the official Ubisoft channels in 2023 for the next free opportunity to pillage medieval England. Just be ready to devote your entire weekend to Viking glory!

Xbox Free Play Days

For Xbox owners, Valhalla has been featured on Free Play Days multiple times since launch:

  • February 2021 – First Free Play Days
  • August 2021 – Tied to Siege of Paris DLC
  • February 2022 – Most recent Free Play event

Based on the data, Valhalla seems to land on Free Play Days every 6 months on average. As long as you have an active Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you can download and play Valhalla for free during these weekends.

In fact, Microsoft reported that over 30% of Valhalla sales on Xbox stemmed from players trying the Free Play Days promotion. So don‘t sleep on these periodic free weekends exclusively for Xbox owners. Pick up your controller when Valhalla returns, and the next adventurous Viking could be you!

PlayStation Now

While not as frequent as Xbox, PlayStation owners got a chance to play Valhalla free via PlayStation Now in July 2021. PS Now subscribers could stream Valhalla directly in the cloud for their entire subscription period.

Given the positive reaction from players, I expect we’ll see more promotions adding Valhalla back to PS Now in the future. Considering a 1-month sub is only $9.99, it’s a cheap way to access this huge RPG. Keep an eye out for Valhalla on PS Now in 2023!

Leverage Subscription Services

If limited-time weekends aren‘t enough, you can play Valhalla free for as long as you subscribe to certain gaming services. These make the most sense if you‘re already an active subscriber anyways.


Without a doubt, Ubisoft+ is the best subscription for unlimited access to Valhalla. For $14.99/month, you get the full Ubisoft library including new releases. Here‘s why it‘s a perfect match:

  • No need to wait – play Valhalla immediately after subscribing
  • Access on all platforms – PC, Stadia, Xbox, PlayStation
  • Complete all content – no restrictions during your subscription
  • Cancel anytime – unsubscribe after finishing the game if desired

Ubisoft even offers select promotions for 50% off your first month. By signing up for just $7.50 when you‘re ready to play Valhalla, you can easily finish the main story before your month ends. Then cancel subscription if you want.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

In December 2022, Valhalla made its debut on Xbox Game Pass for PC. For $9.99/month, you can now access the complete Valhalla experience through Game Pass on Windows PC.

While streaming isn‘t supported, you still get the full native experience. Take advantage of Game Pass Quests and Perks to potentially earn enough Rewards points for a free month, making Valhalla 100% free!

Similar to the Ubisoft+ approach, with some dedication you could complete the main Valhalla story arc within your first month. Then cancel subscription to avoid renewal fees.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

For console gamers, Valhalla is also included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This grants you access across Xbox consoles, PC, and mobile via cloud streaming.

At just $14.99/month, Ultimate is a crazy value proposition to experience Valhalla and over 100 more games. If you time it right, you could easily complete the main story before your membership expires.

In fact, Microsoft reported that 20% of Valhalla sales came from new Xbox Game Pass members trying the game for the first time. So don‘t underestimate just how viable Game Pass is for playing this AAA title for free!

Cloud Streaming Options

Thanks to cloud streaming services, you can play Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla on nearly any device! While not as visually impressive as running natively on a gaming rig or console, streaming is a superb free option.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

As mentioned above, Xbox Cloud Gaming is included free for all Game Pass Ultimate members. This allows you to stream Valhalla directly from the cloud on phones, tablets, browsers, and low spec PCs.

Simply log into on any compatible device, connect an Xbox controller via USB or Bluetooth, and you‘re raiding England at 60fps on the go! At only $14.99 per month, this is by far the most cost-effective means to experience Valhalla anywhere.

PlayStation Cloud Streaming

PlayStation also offers limited game streaming through PlayStation Plus Premium (formerly PlayStation Now). Valhalla was available for cloud streaming during its PS Now free weekend promotion.

While quality and performance is hit or miss compared to Xbox Cloud Gaming, keeping an eye out for more Valhalla streaming promotions could let you play on PS4, PS5, or mobile/PC via PS Plus Premium.

Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia‘s GeForce Now lets you stream games already in your library direct from Nvidia‘s cloud servers. Assuming you own Valhalla on PC, you can stream it flawlessly at up to 120fps on any old laptop, phone, tablet, etc.

Although you still need to purchase on PC first, GeForce Now is then free to stream your existing game library. It‘s an incredible way to experience PC quality visuals on devices that normally couldn‘t run Valhalla natively.

Play a Different Assassin‘s Creed Game for Free

While Valhalla itself isn‘t always free, you can often find deals on older Assassin’s Creed games for low prices or even free. These are absolutely worth checking out:

Assassin‘s Creed Origins

The previous entry before Valhalla, Origins lets you explore ancient Egypt. If you‘re new to Assassin‘s Creed, Origins is the perfect place to start learning the lore before playing Valhalla.

Ubisoft just made the base game permanently free this month for Ubisoft Connect users! Additionally, Prime Gaming gave members Origins for free back in December 2021.

At the very least, you should be able to find Origins for around $10-$15 during any major sale. At that price, this gorgeous open world adventure is a steal.

Assassin‘s Creed Odyssey

Set in ancient Greece, Odyssey features similar RPG mechanics to Valhalla. While not free often, you can frequently find it discounted down to $15-$20.

Well worth picking up at a discount! Odyssey is frequently regarded as one of the best entries in the entire franchise.

Assassin‘s Creed II

The beloved sequel let‘s you journey through Renaissance Italy during the 15th and 16th centuries. While dated compared to new titles, AC2 remains a fan favorite.

PS Plus owners can download the Ezio Collection with AC2 and its sequels for just $15 regularly. That‘s hundreds of hours of classic Assassin‘s Creed gameplay!

Wait for Seasonal Sales on Valhalla

If you aren‘t in a rush, keep tabs on Valhalla during major seasonal sales events:

  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday (Nov – Dec)
  • Holiday Sales (Dec – Jan)
  • New Year Sales (Jan)
  • Lunar New Year Sales (Jan – Feb)

Based on price tracker data, Valhalla has already been discounted up to 60% off during past sales.

For example, Valhalla hit an all-time low of just $23.99 during Black Friday 2021 just one year after launch! Owners of PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold often get an extra discount on top of the standard sale price too.

Set a wishlist alert and be patient. With some luck, you could pick up Valhalla for as low as $25 or less by this holiday season!

Buy a Budget Physical Copy

For the most savings on Valhalla, skip the digital storefronts and check budget retailers, local classified ads, and eBay for physical copies.

You can frequently find new copies discounted or open box listings in the $30 range. But the best deals are on used copies.

For patient shoppers, early 2023 should see an influx of used copies as players finish Valhalla and trade it in. I wouldn‘t be surprised to find listings under $20 if you search diligently.

As long as you don‘t mind a secondhand disc, be on the lookout for all-time low prices between $15-$25 at budget stores or resale sites!

Borrow or Rent Valhalla from a Friend

Before dropping any cash on your own copy, ask around to see if anyone you know will let you borrow their Valhalla disc after they‘ve beaten it.

Offer to swap another game with them temporarily so you both get access to something new! This community "sharing" of single player games is common amongst gaming buds.

Alternatively, browse neighborhood apps like Nextdoor for anyone looking to lend out their finished copy. You may just find a nearby Valhalla disc free for the borrowing!

If you have no luck borrowing locally, game rental services like GameFly let you rent Valhalla by mail starting at $10/month. Rent for a month or two to complete the main story and return. Friendly tip: watch out for late fees if you keep games past the rental period!

Is Valhalla Worth Playing for Free in 2023?

Phew, we just covered SO many options for accessing Valhalla at no cost! But with all the effort it takes, is Valhalla worth playing for free?

In my opinion as a longtime gamer myself, Absolutely YES! Despite releasing back in 2020, Valhalla remains one of the most critically acclaimed and content-rich RPG experiences available today.

Here‘s a quick recap of why Valhalla is still 100% worth your time in 2023:

  • Sprawling world with hundreds of landmarks and hidden secrets to discover
  • 80+ hours of story content, side quests, and optional activities
  • Incredibly fun combat with brutal finishing moves
  • Gorgeous next-gen visuals, especially on PS5/Xbox Series X
  • Addictively rewarding progression with TONS of loot to earn
  • Some of the best expansions in AC history with more still to come

Despite some valid criticism around repetitive side content and technical glitches, Valhalla nails the core combat and exploration that makes Assassin‘s Creed so memorable.

For open world fans, Valhalla‘s Viking setting and RPG elements offer an enthralling adventure that deserves a spot amongst the greats like The Witcher 3 and Skyrim.

Considering the high critic and user review scores nearing 90%, I wholeheartedly believe Valhalla is worth experiencing even 2 years after launch. Just make sure to use this guide to access it at no upfront cost!

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to share the knowledge. Skål friend, and happy free raiding!