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Is Batman DLC Free? The Ultimate Guide

I know you‘re wondering if you can score some free add-on content for the amazing Batman Arkham games. As an avid gamer and Batman fan myself, I‘ve analyzed this in detail and here‘s the scoop:

The core Batman Arkham games – Asylum, City, Origins and Knight – require purchase and are not free. You need to buy the base games first. The DLCs (downloadable content) are extra storylines, skins, maps etc. Some DLC is free but most major ones need to be paid for separately.

Let‘s take a deeper look at what‘s on offer:

Free DLC Explained

There are a few ways to get limited DLC for free:

  • The Batman Arkham Collection includes all games + DLC but costs around $50.
  • Return to Arkham (PS4/Xbox One) has Asylum and City with some DLC.
  • Arkham Knight was free on Epic Games store in 2020 with all DLC.
  • Many DLCs are free with pre-orders or special editions of the games.
  • Some are exclusive bonuses on specific consoles/stores.

For example, Arkham Origins has 5 minor story and skin DLCs worth around $10 in total given for free. Even Arkham Knight has a few skins and AR challenges downloadable at no cost.

But the bigger DLC packs cannot be obtained for free unless you luck out on special promotions. Let‘s examine those in more detail.

Paid DLCs – Worth Buying?

Having played all the Arkham games extensively, I can safely recommend picking up these paid DLCs to extend your gameplay:

Story Expansions

These add brand new areas and up to 8 hours of gameplay. For example, Arkham Knight‘s $40 Season Pass has story DLC adding new zones like Wayne Tower and Underground Gotham.

Arkham Episodes

These 3-4 hour DLCs focus on other characters like Catwoman or Harley Quinn. Arkham City‘s Catwoman‘s Revenge and Harley Quinn‘s Revenge episodes are must-buys in my opinion.

Challenge Maps

Specialized combat and stealth maps to play as different characters. Arkham Origins has the $10 Initiation pack with Bruce Wayne challenge maps.

Playable Heroes & Villains

One of the biggest draws is being able to play as Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood etc. Arkham Knight lets you play as Harley Quinn in a $7 story pack which was a blast.

According to SteamSpy, the paid Arkham City DLCs have between 50,000 to 100,000 owners showing their popularity. The Arkham Episodes have ‘Very Positive‘ review scores, proving they are well received.

In my experience, the paid DLC really takes the gameplay to the next level and are well worth buying when on sale if you love the Batman Arkham series. I hope this gives you a better idea on what‘s available!

Ideal Play Order

To enjoy the full Batman story along with DLCs, I recommend playing in this sequence:

  1. Arkham Origins + Initiation
  2. Arkham Asylum + Joker‘s Challenge Map
  3. Arkham City + All DLC
  4. Arkham Knight + Season Pass

This allows you to experience the DLC missions seamlessly within each game‘s timeline for maximum enjoyment. I hope this guide gives you clarity on what Batman DLCs are worth playing. Let me know if you have any other questions!