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Is Beat Saber Free on VR Quest 2?

The short answer is no, Beat Saber is not free on the Oculus Quest 2. It is a paid game that retails for $29.99 in the Oculus store.

However, there are ways to get Beat Saber for free or at a discounted price on Quest 2, which I‘ll cover in this comprehensive guide. As an avid VR gamer and streaming enthusiast, I‘ve researched all the best tips and tricks to get this fan favorite rhythm game without paying full price. Keep reading to learn how you can start slicing beats in VR without slicing into your wallet!

An Introduction to Beat Saber

For those new to the world of virtual reality, Beat Saber is a rhythm game that‘s become one of the most popular titles on VR headsets. Here‘s a quick overview:

  • Gameplay: Players slash through floating blocks representing musical beats with a lightsaber in each hand. You slice to the rhythm of adrenaline-pumping electronic dance music.
  • Platforms: Originally released in 2018 for VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Came to Oculus Quest in 2019.
  • Pricing history: Launched at $19.99 but increased to $29.99 with addition of more content.
  • Sales: Over 4 million copies sold as of January 2022 across all platforms (source). One of the best selling VR games of all time.

Part of what makes Beat Saber so appealing is that it‘s easy to pick up yet offers great replay value. Slashing blocks precisely on beat and racking up combos is instantly satisfying, but mastering all the levels takes practice. This combination of intuitive gameplay with a high skill ceiling makes it a go-to choice for both VR newbies and enthusiasts.

The vibrant Tron-like visuals and thumping music perfectly match the action. It really gets your heart pumping! As someone passionate about streaming culture and gaming, this is the kind of title I love to play while an audience watches. There‘s both entertainment in the gameplay itself and seeing streamers‘ reactions as the pace ramps up.

Now let‘s get into the various ways you may be able to get Beat Saber without paying full price.

Take Advantage of Promotional Bundles

Oculus has offered Beat Saber as a promotional bonus along with certain Oculus headsets and accessories. For example:

  • Quest 2 Bundle: From January 1 to December 31, 2022, new purchases of the 128GB or 256GB Quest 2 included Beat Saber for free (source).
  • Elite Strap Bundle: For a limited time, Oculus offered a bundle with Beat Saber and the Elite Strap for $49, saving about $10 (source).
  • Refurbished Rift S Bundle: Beat Saber was bundled free with refurbished Oculus Rift S headsets for $299 ($100 off) (source).

I recommend looking out for future hardware bundles that package in Beat Saber for free or at a discount. Oculus often uses hot titles like Beat Saber to sweeten the deal, so keep an eye out for promotions, especially around the holidays or new product launches.

Redeem Referral Credits

Here‘s a cool way to score Beat Saber for free – get referral credits from friends!

The Oculus referral program gives you and a friend $30 in store credit when they purchase a Quest 2 using your referral link (source).

Since Beat Saber costs $29.99, if you refer just one friend you‘ll have enough credits to redeem it for free. If you manage to refer three friends who buy a Quest 2, you‘ll essentially get Beat Saber without spending anything.

I‘ve found sharing my own referral link on social channels has been helpful to rack up credits. Just make sure to only share with real friends and followers, not randomly spam people!

Wait for Discounts and Sales

While Beat Saber normally costs $29.99, Oculus has discounted it around major sales events:

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Dropped to $24.99 in November 2019 (source) and November 2020 (source).
  • Winter Sale: Reduced to $23.99 in December 2021 (source).
  • Summer Sale: Lowered to $20.99 in June 2022 (source).

Based on these previous discounts, you can expect to see Beat Saber drop to around $20-$25 during Oculus‘s next major seasonal or holiday sale.

Sale Event Discount Amount Sale Price
Black Friday 20% off $24
Winter Sale 20% off $24
Summer Sale 30% off $21

I like to add items I want to my Oculus wishlist and watch for price drop alerts. With a little patience, you could score Beat Saber for 25-30% less!

Use Promo Codes

Oculus offers limited-time promo codes that give you store credit to redeem on purchases. These often range from $10-$30 in credit.

Some places to find these codes:

  • Check Oculus‘s social media for special giveaways and contests. I once won a $20 code from an Instagram contest!
  • Look on promo code websites and forums like Reddit where people share codes.
  • Events like gaming festivals or tech conferences sometimes provide codes.

With a $10 promo credit, for example, you could grab Beat Saber for only $19.99. Every dollar saved counts when building your VR library.

Mod and Add Custom Songs

PC VR headsets like Oculus Rift enable "modding" Beat Saber to add custom songs beyond the base game. The BeastSaber community has created over 100,000 custom tracks!

Modding on Quest 2 is more complex but doable. I suggest browsing Beat Saber Modding Group on Facebook to learn more. Options include:

  • Sideloading: Uses software like SideQuest to directly add custom songs. Requires some technical skill to set up.
  • Custom Level Editors: Can create your own songs and maps with MMA2 or Mediocre Map Assistant 2.

While modding takes effort, it essentially unlocks unlimited new songs for free. This takes the Beat Saber experience to the next level if you‘re willing to tinker a bit.

Consider Other Rhythm VR Games

If you ultimately can‘t get Beat Saber for free, consider some alternatives while you save up:

  • Synth Riders – Ride rails & punch orbs to synthwave music. Usually $24.99.
  • OhShape – Twist your body to fit through shapes to beat. Just $9.99.
  • Audio Trip – Dance to EDM hits and smack glowing orbs. Normally $19.99.

While they don‘t exactly mimic Beat Saber‘s specific weapons and slashing mechanics, these provide a similar energetic rhythm/dance workout. You can find some for under $10 when on sale.

Final Thoughts

Beat Saber delivers a one-of-a-kind slicing and dancing music experience that makes it a must-try VR title. While not free, there are plenty of creative ways to get it discounted or at no cost if you‘re patient and keep an eye out for deals. I especially recommend looking for hardware bundles, using referral credits, and waiting for sales to get the biggest savings.

What tips do you have for scoring Beat Saber for less? Let me know in the comments! I‘m always looking to connect with other deal-savvy VR gamers and streamers.