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Is Call of Dragons Free to Play? A Complete Beginner‘s Guide

The short answer is yes, Call of Dragons is 100% free to play on both PC and mobile devices. You can download and enjoy the full game experience without any mandatory payments. Keep reading as I walk you through everything a new player needs to know about getting started with this exciting dragon MMO for free.

As an avid PC gamer and fan of real-time strategy titles, I‘ve been pleasantly surprised by Call of Dragons. Developed by Farlight Games, it brings classic RTS and base building elements together with the thrill of capturing and training massive dragons for combat.

In this beginner‘s guide, I‘ll give you an overview of Call of Dragons, explain what free players can access, provide tips to progress quickly, and suggest some alternatives if you‘re looking for other free dragon games. Let‘s jump in!

What is Call of Dragons?

Call of Dragons is a free-to-play MMO RTS (real-time strategy) game released in 2021 for PC (Windows) and mobile devices (iOS, Android).

In the game, you play as a rising Lord in a medieval world filled with dangerous dragons. You build up a home city, capture dragons, assemble an army, and use strategy to battle enemy forces. PvP and PvE modes let you fight both human and AI opponents.

Here are some key features that make Call of Dragons stand out:

  • Variety of dragons – Over 100 unique dragons to capture, each with specialized attacks and abilities. Mythical beasts like Ice Dragons, Forest Dragons, Undead Dragons, and more.
  • Clan battles – Join or create a clan to take on rival clans and mighty guardians in epic dragon battles.
  • Dynamic world – An open world map that evolves over time with new challenges and mysteries to uncover.
  • Frequent updates – The developers release new content and improvements every month to expand the game.
  • Cross-platform play – Play on your PC at home or on mobile when you‘re away. Shared progress between devices.

Now let‘s look at why Call of Dragons is praised for being truly free-to-play, and how you can get started without spending a cent.

Why Call of Dragons is 100% Free-to-Play

The developers designed Call of Dragons as a free-to-play game from the ground up. It does not use an outdated "freemium" model that gates content behind paywalls or gives paying players unfair advantages.

Here‘s an overview of how the free-to-play system works:

  • No upfront cost – Download and play for free, no trial limits. Call of Dragons is currently about 1.5 GB on mobile.
  • No subscription fee – There is no monthly subscription required to unlock features.
  • No pay-to-win – Free players compete on equal footing with no gameplay advantages for paying players.
  • Optional purchases – All in-game purchases are optional cosmetics, resources, or time savers.
  • Earn by playing – You can unlock new dragons, buildings, and items simply by completing missions and events.

This approach puts free players on equal competitive footing with those who choose to spend money. You won‘t hit any frustrating paywalls that block access to dragons, abilities, or areas – the full Call of Dragons experience is available without paying.

Optional microtransactions do exist but are not pushed aggressively. You can choose to buy currency packs or premium resources to speed up base building and dragon training. The Battle Pass provides cosmetic skins and helpful supplies over a month. But again, these are 100% optional for those who want to support the developers – free players won‘t miss out on anything major by ignoring the store.

Now let‘s look at exactly what you can do in the game as a free player.

What Free Players Can Access in Call of Dragons

Nearly all major features and content in Call of Dragons are available to free players. Here are some of the key activities you can experience:

  • Solo campaign – The main campaign has over 100 story missions to complete.
  • Capture dragons – Find and capture wild dragons to add to your collection. Over 130 unique types exist.
  • Dragon training – Level up your dragons and equip gear and skills.
  • PvP modes – Duel other players in ranked 1v1, 2v2, or battle royale skirmishes.
  • Clan battles – Join other players to take down mighty guardians.
  • Events and tournaments – Limited-time activities with free rewards.
  • Crafting system – Gather resources and craft equipment for your city and dragons.
  • City building – Construct and customize buildings like farms, towers, academies, and more.

Here are some premium features that free players won‘t have access to:

  • Premium currency – Paid gems for exclusive items, fast building.
  • Elite Battle Pass – Premium cosmetics and items on the Season Pass reward track.
  • VIP Status – Provides some convenience perks and bonuses.

However, the core dragon capturing, training, and battling features are all fully available for free players. You can experience the main campaign, battle against others, upgrade your city, and progress at your own pace without ever paying.

5 Tips to Progress Quickly as a Free Player

Here are some tips and strategies I‘ve learned for making steady progress as a free player in Call of Dragons:

1. Complete Daily Activities

The daily activity rewards provide a reliable stream of resources, currency, and items. Make sure to check in each day and complete any easy activities like collecting tribute or winning a PvP match. These small boosts add up quickly over time.

2. Focus on Resource Production

Early on, concentrate resources on upgrading your farms, lumber mills, and other production buildings. This will passively generate the food, wood, and gold you need for expansion. Leave defenses and other structures for later.

3. Join an Active Clan

Being part of a good clan provides many benefits including donations, social play, and access to clan battle rewards. Check the recruitment forums to find a clan matching your playstyle.

4. Be Selective When Training Dragons

It‘s better to have a few powerful dragons than an army of weak ones. Review each dragon‘s skills and abilities before capturing and training it. Aim for quality over quantity.

5. Save Gems for Discounts

Gems can be hard to come by for free players. When the monthly discount events arrive, you‘ll want a stockpile to spend on buildings, research, and other upgrades.

Following these tips, any player can progress at a steady rate. Reaching the top tiers and competing with veteran clans will still take time and patience, but the journey itself is engaging and fun.

Now let‘s look at some full free-to-play alternatives if Call of Dragons doesn‘t quite scratch your dragon gaming itch.

6 Great Free Alternatives to Call of Dragons

Here are some of my top picks for free dragon games to check out across PC, console, and mobile platforms:

1. Century: Age of Ashes (PC, Console)

This free-to-play aerial combat game lets you control dragons in intense PvP battles. Available on PC via Steam or Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Gorgeous graphics and smooth controls.

2. Dragon City (Mobile)

Build a fantasy city and fill it with adorable bred dragons. This mobile monster collector has hundreds of dragons to acquire and level up.

3. Dragon Raja (Mobile)

Immerse yourself in this massive fantasy MMORPG world on mobile. Dragon Raja has exceptional production values and lets you bond with your dragon companion.

4. Dragon Riders (PC)

Control your own dragon fleet in this casual real-time strategy game. Simple but addictive gameplay and full cross-platform support.

5. Dragons World (Mobile)

Raise, breed, and battle with dragons on your iOS or Android device. Bright, cartoony art style perfect for younger kids.

6. Dragon Nest (PC)

This free action MMORPG has some of the most impressive real-time dragon boss fights out there. High skill ceiling combat.

This list covers a wide range of genres and styles. Try out a few and see which free dragon game clicks with you. Many are also available to play right from your mobile device which is super convenient.

Summing Up the Guide

Let‘s recap the key points from this beginner‘s guide to Call of Dragons:

  • Call of Dragons is a cross-platform MMO RTS game focused on dragon gameplay.
  • It is completely free-to-play with no required payments or subscriptions.
  • Free players have full access todragons, PvP, clan battles, events, and progression systems.
  • Optional purchases provide cosmetics, resources, and timesavers but are not necessary.
  • Focus on resource production, daily activities, and joining a clan as a new player.
  • Many high quality free dragon game alternatives exist across PC, console, and mobile.

The bottom line – if you‘re interested in immersive dragon combat and strategy gameplay, I highly recommend giving Call of Dragons a try. The ability to play for free is refreshing, and you might just get hooked on hunting down new dragons and dominating the skies.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to provide tips to help new players get started. Now grab your spear, saddle your mightiest dragon, and take flight – adventure awaits!