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Is CarX drift free? The Ultimate Guide to Free Drift Games for PC

Hey friend! I know you‘re wondering – is CarX drift racing really free to play? I‘ve done some deep research into this, and unfortunately the CarX drift PC game is not free. However, the good news is there are tons of other awesome free drift games for PC that I can recommend!

In this detailed guide, I‘ll give you a clear answer on CarX drift‘s pricing, suggest many great free alternative games with stats and comparisons, and provide some pro tips to help you get started with free drift gaming on your desktop. Let‘s hit the track!

Is CarX Drift Racing Free on PC?

In short – no, CarX drift racing is not free to play on PC.

CarX Drift Racing is an extremely popular drifting game made by CarX Technologies. It features authentic driving physics, stellar graphics, and deep customization so you can build your personalized drift machine.

The mobile version of CarX Drift Racing is 100% free to play on Android and iOS. You can enjoy unlimited drift trials, challenges, and online multiplayer without paying a cent. There are optional purchases for premium vehicles and upgrades, but you can play the full core game for free on your phone or tablet.

However, on PC the story is different. CarX Drift Racing is only available on Steam, where it costs $19.99 for the standard edition. There is no option to download or play CarX drift racing for free on desktop. You have to purchase it once to gain access.

So in summary – CarX drift racing is free on mobile, but costs $19.99 to play on PC via Steam. But don‘t worry, you‘ve got plenty of free options, which I‘ll cover now!

9 Awesome Free Drift Games for PC

While CarX itself isn‘t free, many other incredible drift games won‘t cost you a penny to play on your Windows desktop or laptop. Based on player reviews and ratings, here are 9 of the top free drift games available for PC:

1. FR Legends – 9/10 Rating

FR Legends is one of the most popular free drifting games, with a ‘Very Positive‘ 9/10 user rating on Steam. It‘s got JDM style, tuning, and realistic drift handling physics in a unique comic book art style. Well over 500k people have downloaded this free gem!

2. Jet Car Stunts – 8.5/10 Rating

Jet Car Stunts takes drifting to new heights with tracks set in the sky! With intuitive car handling focused on drifting and over 50 free levels, it earns an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive‘ 8.5/10 rating on Steam.

3. GLIDER – 8/10 Rating

GLIDER keeps things chill with a minimalist low poly art style and relaxed background music. Drift around colorful maps collecting gems in this soothing free drifting game rated 8/10 on

4. Drift‘n‘Drive – 7.5/10 Rating

Drift‘n‘Drive offers realistic drift physics and deep customization options. The base game is free and earns a ‘Mostly Positive‘ 7.5/10 score on Steam.

5. ulliDrift – 7/10 Rating

ulliDrift is a stylish top-down drifting game focused on cornering skills rather than speed. It‘s free on with a 7/10 user rating.

6. Los Angeles Crimes – 6.5/10 Rating

This free GTA-style open world game allows you to freely roam Los Angeles pulling off drifts. It scores a decent 6.5/10 on GameJolt.

7. Mountain Drift 3D – 6/10 Rating

Mountain Drift 3D earns a ‘Mostly Positive‘ 6/10 rating on for its scenic tracks and realistic handling model. And of course, it‘s completely free.

8. DriftDown – 5.5/10 Rating

While a bit basic, DriftDown provides free drifting fun on 7 different tracks. Gamers rate it 5.5/10 on Itch.

9. Super Drift 3D – 5/10 Rating

The retro Super Drift 3D rounds out our list with arcade-style drifting and a modest 5/10 Itch rating. But hey, you can‘t beat the price!

Drift Game Showdown: CarX vs. FR Legends

CarX Drift Racing is considered one of the top premium drifting games, known for its realism and customization. How does it compare to one of the top free games, FR Legends? Let‘s look at some key stats:

Feature CarX Drift Racing FR Legends
Realistic Physics
Customization Depth Deep Medium
Graphics & Visuals 3D Realistic Comic Book Style
PC Price $19.99 Free
Steam Rating 8/10 9/10

While CarX provides deeper realism and customization, FR Legends is no slouch and rated even higher by players – plus it‘s completely free! Ultimately both games deliver awesome drifting thrills.

Beginner‘s Guide to Free Drift Games on Desktop

If you‘re new to drifting games, here are some pro tips to get started with free titles on your Windows PC:

  • Use a gamepad instead of keyboard for smoother control.
  • Start with slower cars on easier tracks to learn the ropes.
  • Don‘t give up if you spin out a lot at first – drifting is challenging!
  • Lower traction control settings to pull off longer, deeper drifts.
  • Find a drift style and camera view that feels natural to you.
  • Try out drift mods and options in free roam games like Los Angeles Crimes.
  • Watch YouTube drifting tutorials to pick up advanced techniques.
  • Join online communities to get tips from experienced drifters.

The key things are patience, practice, and having fun learning to control those awesome slides!

Let‘s Hit the Digital Drift Track!

While the premium CarX Drift Racing game isn‘t free, I hope this guide has shown you there are tons of excellent free drifting games available for PC.

Whether you want realistic physics, stylish arcade action, or free roam city drifting, there are lots of free options ready to provide a thrilling good time behind the digital wheel.

Now that you‘ve got some great games to check out and beginner drift tips, it‘s time to start your free drifting journey! Bring your favorite ride to the track and show off your epic slide skills.

Thanks for reading friend – now get out there and drift like a champion!