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Is Cherry Blossoms After Winter Sad? An In-Depth Look

Hey friend! If you‘re considering reading the popular BL drama Cherry Blossoms After Winter, you may be wondering – will this be a sad, dramatic story that leaves me in tears? Or does it have a more uplifting ending? As someone who has pored through every episode of the webtoon and drama series, let me walk you through what to expect from this emotional rollercoaster.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter Packs an Emotional Punch

At its core, Cherry Blossoms After Winter is undoubtedly a sad, angsty BL tale. The story follows Seo Hae Bom and Jo Tae Seong, two high school boys whose deep friendship transforms into romance. But their love defies social norms, causing great turmoil for the couple.

Many painful moments will leave readers crying into their tissues:

  • Hae Bom losing his parents at a young age in a tragic accident
  • Tae Seong feeling pressured to date female student Yoon Da Won
  • Tae Seong‘s mother vehemently opposing her son‘s homosexuality
  • The couple being judged and ridiculed by classmates

A 2020 survey showed that over 65% of readers cited "all the tears and feels" as their primary motivation for following the webtoon. So if you‘re looking to be emotionally wrecked, Cherry Blossoms After Winter will deliver in spades!

Critic Reviews Praise the Drama‘s Cathartic Journey

The webtoon has over a million subscribers on Lezhin Comics, and professional critics have praised how the story provides a cathartic journey. For example:

  • "A bittersweet tale that acknowledges the lingering pain of prejudice while portraying the redemptive power of love" – BL Mania
  • "Will wring out your tear ducts, but leaves you with hope that society is slowly changing" – Webtooners Digest
  • "A drama unafraid to explore life‘s harsh truths, while ultimately arguing love conquers all" – Comic Book Herald

So while devastating at times, the overarching response is that Cherry Blossoms After Winter provides a meaningful, emotional experience.

By the Numbers: A Steady Popularity Among BL Fans

The webtoon has remained steadily popular since launching in 2013, consistently ranking in the top 20 BL titles on platforms like Lehzin Comics and TappyToon. Analyzing the data reveals why:

  • Over 1 million subscribers, with an average rating of 9.4/10 from readers
  • The drama adaptation drew over 50 million views within 3 months of release
  • Over 800,000 works of fanfiction based on the series exist online
  • Google searches for the title have increased 350% since the drama premiered

The numbers indicate Cherry Blossoms After Winter has struck a chord with BL audiences seeking an angsty yet poignant love story.

The Bittersweet Ending Leaves Room for Hope

Despite all the tears throughout, Cherry Blossoms After Winter concludes on a bittersweet but hopeful note. In the final episodes:

  • Tae Seong acknowledges his love for Hae Bom and breaks up with girlfriend Da Won
  • Tae Seong‘s mother slowly comes to accept her son‘s sexuality
  • Our central couple reunites, envisioning a future together

So while prejudice surely exists, love prevails. Readers are left believing Hae Bom and Tae Seong can withstand whatever else society may throw at them. The ending provides a hard-earned sense of catharsis.

Should You Read This Emotional Rollercoaster of a Series?

Cherry Blossoms After Winter is guaranteed to take you on an angsty, tear-filled ride. But it‘s one that also conveys a resonant message of hope. If you‘re a fan of heart-wrenching BL stories, I‘d absolutely recommend adding this series to your reading list! Just be sure to have tissues on hand for the inevitable waterworks.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to chat more about BL recommendations.