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Is Cold War Worth Buying in 2023? The Definitive Guide for Gamers

Hey there fellow gamer! If you‘re wondering whether Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is still worth picking up in 2023, then you‘ve come to the right place.

As a gaming expert and data analyst who loves COD, I‘ve put together this comprehensive guide to give you the definitive answer. I‘ll be sharing my in-depth research and insights to help you decide if Cold War is worth buying today. Let‘s dive in!

The Short Answer

Yes, Cold War is absolutely still worth buying in 2023!

Despite being over 2 years old now, Cold War has held up impressively thanks to ongoing support, solid core gameplay and integration with Warzone. For the current discounted price, you get a feature-packed COD with active playerbase and tons of content.

Breaking Down the Details

Now let‘s take a deeper look at why Cold War remains a smart purchase in 2023 and what exactly you‘ll be getting…

It Still Has a Strong Playerbase

Cold War enjoys a healthy player count of around 20-30k daily 2 years on

One of the biggest factors in a multiplayer game‘s longevity is the size of its continuing playerbase.

Based on data from Active Player and Steam Charts, Cold War currently averages around 20-30k concurrent players daily just on Steam.

For a 2 year old title, these are great numbers that indicate a strong core community still enjoying the game. You‘ll have no trouble finding matches.

To give some perspective, these figures match or even exceed the playercounts of more recent COD titles like Vanguard at the same period after launch. So Cold War has defied the usual dropoff.

Post-Launch Support Has Been Great

14+ seasons of new content keeps Cold War feeling fresh

Ongoing developer support through updates and new content is also key for multiplayer longevity.

Impressively, Cold War has received over 14 seasons of post-launch content including:

  • 16+ new multiplayer maps
  • 40+ new multiplayer weapons
  • 5 new Zombies experiences
  • New modes, operators, cosmetics and more

This means there‘s been a steady stream of additional weapons, maps and modes over 2 years later to keep things exciting for players.

Cold War‘s integration with Warzone also allowed new content to crossover between both titles and further expanded its lifespan.

Gameplay Holds Up Well

Tight core gameplay still feels great after hundreds of hours

Of course, all the post-launch content wouldn‘t matter much if the core gameplay didn‘t hold up!

The good news is that Cold War‘s solid gunplay, visuals and engine make it still extremely enjoyable to grind today.

Based on my own experience and community feedback, gun handling feels responsive and satisfying, while the audio design adds to the immersion.

The graphics also hold up well at 60+ FPS on modern hardware. And having FOV slider on consoles now is a game changer too.

While not as flashy as recent CODs, Cold War has a clean, polished look that performs smoothly even after long sessions.

Zombies Is a Blast

Non-stop zombie slaying action provides hours of co-op fun

Zombies mode has always been a huge part of the Black Ops experience. And the Zombies offering in Cold War is no different.

With the new Dark Aether storyline spanning multiple maps, plus classic maps like Die Maschine reimagined, there‘s tons of exciting co-op action against hordes of the undead.

Uncovering all the hidden easter eggs, lore and secrets with friends offers endless replay value.

It‘s an absolute blast and reason alone to grab Cold War for some heart-pounding Zombies action!

Campaign Is Worth Playing

A thrilling spy story that ties directly into original Black Ops

Beyond the multiplayer and Zombies, Cold War also has an engrossing single player campaign that‘s worth diving into.

It‘s an explosive spy thriller set during the Cold War era that sees you hunting down the mysterious Soviet spy codenamed Perseus.

Fans of the original Black Ops will love seeing returning characters like Woods, Mason and Hudson in this direct sequel storyline.

With varied missions around the globe and multiple endings, the 6 hour campaign delivers a cinematic action fix.

It‘s Currently Discounted

Pick up the base game now for as low as $30 USD

Now over two years since launch, you can pick up the Cold War Standard Edition for much cheaper than the original $60 USD:

  • PlayStation Store – $39.99
  • Xbox Store – $39.99
  • – $39.99

Or find even better discounts on third party key sites with prices as low as $20-30 USD.

At these discounted rates for a feature-packed COD with a healthy playerbase, it‘s undeniably great value.

Integration With Warzone

Enjoy your Cold War loadouts and progress in the hugely popular Warzone mode

An added benefit of buying Cold War in 2023 is that the game directly integrates with Call of Duty: Warzone.

This means all the weapons, Operators and other content you unlock in Cold War multiplayer can also be used in Warzone for free!

Given Warzone is arguably the most popular Call of Duty experience right now with over 115 million players, being able to carry over your Cold War progress is awesome.

The Verdict

So there you have it buddy! Given the ongoing support, solid gameplay, wealth of content and integration with Warzone, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is hands-down still worth buying in 2023 while discounted.

You‘ll be jumping into a super active COD with tons to offer both in competitive multiplayer and co-op Zombies – giving you endless hours of gaming excitement.

It may not be the newest COD, but is packed with value and will absolutely give you a blast until the next release. Go for it and get your money‘s worth in entertainment!

Let me know if you have any other questions!