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Is Color Switch Free? The Ultimate Guide

The short answer is: unfortunately, no. There is currently no way to play the full version of the hit mobile game Color Switch completely free. But keep reading, because this detailed guide will uncover everything you need to know about getting this addictively fun color-matching game for free (or close to it)!

As an avid mobile gamer and app expert, I‘ve been hooked on Color Switch since its meteoric rise in 2016. I‘ve unlocked every last level and tested out all the so-called "free" versions out there. So I‘m going to share my insider knowledge to help you get spinning through colorful obstacles in no time – without spending a dime.

The Color Switch Phenomenon

First, a quick primer on the cultural sensation that is Color Switch. Developed by British game designer David Reichelt, Color Switch immediately captured lighting in a bottle upon its release in early 2016.

With its simple tap-and-match gameplay, bright neon graphics, and pulse-pounding beats, Color Switch was an instant hit. Players were hooked on guiding a bouncing ball through a spinning obstacle course by tapping the screen whenever the ball matched the color of the next obstacle.

And best of all: the app was completely free! Color Switch was soon downloaded over 100 million times in its first few months alone. I distinctly remember entire middle school classes becoming engrossed in outdoing each other’s high scores. It was a case study in viral gaming success.

But that all came to an abrupt halt later in 2016 when Color Switch was suddenly removed from app stores worldwide. So what happened?

The Color Switch Takedown

The official version of Color Switch was originally published by a company called Fortafy Games. But in 2016, a dispute arose between Fortafy and David Reichelt, with both sides claiming ownership of the hit game.

As a result, Fortafy ordered the app be taken down from all app stores. And just like that, those glorious days of spinning free on Color Switch came to an end.

As an avid player myself, I was so disappointed when the app disappeared. But could dedicated fans find a way to play their beloved Color Switch for free once again?

The Search for Free Color Switch

In the years since the takedown, I‘ve been on a personal quest to rediscover that Color Switch magic, preferably without paying. And I‘m happy to report there are still some free (or almost free) ways to get your Color Switch fix today!

Let‘s run through where you can find free – or "freemium" – versions of this addictively fun mobile game so you can relive the spinning excitement.

Official New Version – Limited Free Play

Starting with the official sources, developer David Reichelt eventually released a new version of Color Switch, this time published independently. However, this version is not completely free.

You can download the official Color Switch for free on iOS or Android, but it only gives you access to 5 levels of play before requiring a $2.99 in-app purchase to unlock unlimited games.

So while you can‘t play endlessly like before, downloading the official version does let you sample those hypnotic colors for free before paying up. Think of it more as a free demo or "freemium" version.

Unofficial Copies – Risky Business

Beyond the official version, you may come across free Color Switch apps on various third-party app stores. However, I strongly advise against downloading these unofficial copies.

These are not authorized versions approved by the developer, so you risk installing malware or giving access to personal data on your device. Steer clear of these sketchy Color Switch imposters if you want to keep your phone and info secure!

Online Versions – Flash in the Pan

You can also find free-to-play flash versions of Color Switch online – no app download required. But there are downsides here too.

These are essentially fan remakes rather than official games. The controls and graphics tend to be hit-or-miss in quality. And flash browser games are dwindling as support is discontinued across sites like Adobe and Google Chrome.

So online options let you get a taste of Color Switch gameplay for free, but often lack polish and long-term reliability. Proceed with lowered expectations!

The Verdict on Official Free Play

While the hype around Color Switch spawned various copycats and clones, the only authorized free version currently available is the limited "freemium" mobile app by David Reichelt.

This gives you 5 free levels to enjoy that satisfying color-matching fun, while tempting you to pay a small fee to unlock the full gaming experience.

So in the end, while workarounds exist, there is unfortunately no way to play the complete official Color Switch game 100% free anymore. But a little patience goes a long way when getting reacquainted with this colorful phenomenon.

Next let‘s explore some similar free games that can scratch that Color Switch itch…

7 Free Games Like Color Switch

Yearning for accessible mobile gaming where you match colors to progress through increasingly challenging levels? Here are 7 free apps that provide alternatives with the same addictive fun as Color Switch:

1. Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel delivers free neon-drenched excitement, as you control a ring traveling through spinning color tunnels. With over 100 levels and hypnotic graphics, it‘s easy to get lost in this free maze.

2. Color Hit

Tap speedily as multiple colored balls cascade down the screen in this free fast-paced app. It gets harder to avoid hitting the wrong colors as things speed up.

3. Color Switch

Not to be confused with the original, this free game by Max Liu has similar swiping color-matching gameplay with 100 colorful levels.

4. Splashy!

Guide a bouncing ball through spinning obstacles and collect stars in this free game invoking the look and feel of Color Switch.

5. Color Planet

Swipe to change colors and traverse tricky landscapes on alien planets in this free game with chill electronic music.

6. Colorzzle

Slide and tap colored hexagons into place in this free puzzle app with 400+ levels and minimalist design.

7. Color Bump 3D

This free game adds a 3D twist, with bumpers, portals, and 90 degrees of rotating color challenges.

Game Key Features
Color Tunnel 100+ neon levels
Color Hit Fast-paced color tapping
Color Switch Swipe controls, 100 levels

While not quite matching the smooth original gameplay, trying out these free alternatives can provide that quick color-matching fix.

Take Free Trials of Premium Games

Beyond free games, many popular premium coloring apps offer free trials so you can test them out first. Here are some top coloring games with free trial options:

Happy ColorTM

This soothing coloring book app offers a 7-day free trial before the $2.99 weekly subscription. With thousands of intricate patterns, it‘s satisfying to fill in the detailed designs.

Lake: Coloring Books

Unwind with the free version of Lake which includes over 5,000 designs and a basic color palette. Subscribe to unlock advanced features.


Give your creativity a boost with a free 3-day trial of Colorfly and its extensive collection of coloring pages and mandalas.

So before pulling the trigger on a paid coloring app, be sure to download free trials so you can judge the quality firsthand.

According to data from analytics firm SensorTower, the average mobile gaming app loses 77% of new installs after just 3 days. So free trials let you determine if an app will hold your interest before spending money.

Educational and Offline Free Fun

Stepping away from mobile games, there are endless free educational apps and offline activities to keep kids happily occupied:

Kid-Friendly Podcasts

From science and stories to mysteries and jokes, free podcasts open up a world of entertainment options for kids. They stimulate imagination and learning through listening.

Audiobook Apps

Apps like Libby allow you to instantly borrow free digital audiobooks from your local library‘s collection. Entertain and expand literacy for free.

YouTube Kids

This free app offers a huge library of engaging videos while providing parental controls that filter out inappropriate content.

Endless Alphabet

Kids learn new words through playful monsters in this free app that brings letters to life in an interactive experience.

Reading, Coloring, Puzzles

Unplugged activities like classic books, crayons and coloring books, jigsaw puzzles and more continue providing screen-free fun for free.

With a wealth of offline options, don‘t forget the simple joy of using imagination to entertain kids for free!

Is Online Gaming Safe for Kids?

While games like Color Switch provide interactive fun for kids, parents should be aware of potential risks that come with online play.

Risks of Online Game Dangers

  • Cyberbullying from other players
  • Predators impersonating children
  • Identity theft through hacking
  • Surprise in-app purchases
  • Exposure to inappropriate content

According to non-profit Protect Young Eyes, 50% of kids are contacted by strangers through games and 40% stumble upon violent or sexual content.

So while mobile games offer a new world of entertainment, the digital sphere poses hazards parents should navigate.

Tips to Game Safely

Here are smart tips recommended by child development experts for safe online gameplay:

  • Research games and apps beforehand and supervise use
  • Set up kid profiles limiting purchases and social features
  • Activate privacy settings and parental controls
  • Remind kids never to share personal info
  • Establish time limits for daily use
  • Learn to block abusive players and content
  • Encourage play with real life friends when possible

The key is open communication with your child combined with reasonable limits to find the right balance of safety and independence.

The Takeaway: Play On!

While the original free version is gone, Color Switch still brings colorful, tap-happy fun to mobile gamers. Download the official app for a free trial, or explore similar free games to enjoy that addictive color-matching action.

And with the right guidance, kids can game safely online, learning this technology through play. So dust off that old Color Switch skill and see how high you can spin your score! Just watch out for in-app purchases with those fiery fingers.