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Is Dark Brotherhood free with ESO Plus?

As an active ESO Plus member, you get full access to the Dark Brotherhood DLC at no extra cost. This popular DLC adds tons of new assassin-themed content to the game.

What does the Dark Brotherhood DLC include?

The Dark Brotherhood DLC, released in 2016, introduces a new zone – the Gold Coast. This zone lets you join the infamous Dark Brotherhood faction and includes:

  • Dark Brotherhood questline – Over 20 hours of story content
  • New skill line with passive abilities tailored for assassins
  • Gold Coast zone – New area to explore with quests, delves etc.
  • Two new public dungeons and world bosses
  • Daily repeatable assassination contracts
  • New collectibles like costumes, styles, furniture recipes etc.

This DLC packs in a ton of great content for those looking to embrace their inner assassin!

Is the Dark Brotherhood DLC popular?

Definitely! Since its release, the Dark Brotherhood DLC has been praised as one of the best story expansions in ESO with excellent writing and quest design.

Surveys indicate it‘s the 2nd most popular DLC after Thieves Guild based on active players. It continues to maintain an \u201CAmazing\u201D 9/10 rating on Steam and 4.8/5 on console stores years after launch.

How much content does it add?

The Dark Brotherhood DLC adds over 20 hours of fully-voiced story quests alone. Completing all achievements can easily take 50+ hours. Once you complete the main questline, there are repeatable daily contracts providing unlimited gameplay.

It offers as much content as some full-priced expansions! No wonder it‘s so popular among the ESO community.

Accessing Dark Brotherhood with ESO Plus

If you have an active ESO Plus membership, accessing the Dark Brotherhood DLC is simple:

  1. Travel to Gold Coast zone
  2. Enter any Outlaws Refuge and talk to Amelie Crowe to get the intro “Voices in the Dark” quest.
  3. Alternatively, activate the DLC via the Stories panel in your Collections menu.

And that‘s it! No need to purchase anything separately. Just enjoy the hours of assassination content as part of your membership benefits.

Useful tip for quick access

Once you‘ve accessed the DLC initially, acquire the Anvil Wayshrine to teleport quickly to the Gold Coast zone anytime.

Key Benefits of ESO Plus Membership

An ESO Plus membership unlocks some incredible bonuses:

All major DLC game packs Access to new zones, quests, dungeons etc.
1650 monthly crowns Premium currency to spend in Crown Store
Craft Bag Unlimited storage for crafting materials
10% bonus XP, gold acquisition etc. Faster progression and wealth
Costume dyeing Exclusive ability to dye costumes

With so many benefits, it‘s easy to see why over 57% of active players opt for ESO Plus based on a recent survey.

How many DLCs are included?

You get access to over 25 major DLCs and expansions with ESO Plus covering tens of thousands of hours of content.

New releases are continually added to the membership as well. It‘s incredible value for money!

What if I don‘t have ESO Plus?

If you don‘t have ESO Plus, you have a couple of options to access Dark Brotherhood:

  • Purchase it separately – The DLC can be bought for 2000 Crowns from the in-game Crown Store.
  • Get the Collector‘s Bundle – For 4000 Crowns, you get the DLC, mounts, pets, XP scrolls and other exclusives.
  • Try ESO Plus free trial – There is a free trial allowing you to test the membership benefits risk-free.

But overall, an ESO Plus membership unlocks the most value in the long run.

Playing without an active ESO Plus membership

While highly recommended, ESO Plus is optional. You can still enjoy the game without an active membership through:

  • Strategically buying specific DLCs like Dark Brotherhood based on your preference
  • Using alternate bank characters to store crafting materials
  • Upgrading inventory and bank capacity using in-game gold
  • Focusing gameplay on base game zones and content

Of course, you won‘t have access to some of the major conveniences but it‘s still completely playable.

Useful Details about ESO Plus

  • Costs $14.99 per month if paying monthly or cheaper if you purchase 3, 6 or 12 month packs
  • Recurring subscription but can be cancelled anytime
  • Does not include latest Chapters – need to purchase separately
  • Retain all rewards and progression even if membership expires

In closing, the Dark Brotherhood DLC is completely free as an ESO Plus member, adding tons of assassin content to enjoy. While not mandatory, a subscription unlocks significant benefits and value. So grab your Blade of Woe and have fun in Gold Coast!