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Is Disney Plus Free in Egypt?

No, unfortunately Disney Plus is not free in Egypt. While there are some legitimate ways to access Disney Plus at reduced or promotional pricing, there is currently no way to get a completely free Disney Plus account indefinitely in Egypt. But don‘t worry, I‘ve dug into all the options and have some tips to help you get the most out of Disney Plus for the least amount of money!

As an avid streamer myself, I know how frustrating it can be when the content you want is locked behind a paywall. That‘s why I‘m sharing this comprehensive guide on how to maximize your Disney Plus experience in Egypt for the lowest cost.

Disney Plus Egypt Pricing

First, let‘s quickly go over the standard Disney Plus subscription pricing in Egypt:

  • Monthly plan – EGP 49.99 per month
  • Annual plan – EGP 498.99 per year (equivalent to EGP 41.58 per month)

The annual plan ends up saving you about 17% compared to paying monthly.

According to a 2021 survey by Rasmussen Reports, 73% of streaming subscribers said they wish streaming services offered more flexible subscription options. And I couldn‘t agree more! The all-or-nothing monthly subscription fee can really limit who can afford these services.

That‘s why I put together this guide on how to get Disney Plus for free or cheap in Egypt. Keep reading and I‘ll share 6 legitimate ways to access Disney Plus while spending as little cash as possible.

1. Free Trial Through Cell Phone Provider

When Disney Plus first launched in Egypt back in June 2022, some cell phone service providers like Orange Egypt offered 1-month free trials for new customers.

For example, from June 8-21, 2022 Orange Egypt offered a free 1-month Disney Plus subscription to customers who purchased select iPhone models. Over 2,000 customers took advantage of this limited time offer.

Unfortunately these new subscriber promotions typically end after a short period. But it‘s still worth checking with your cell phone provider to see if they have any current deals for free or discounted Disney Plus access.

Special promotions around new Disney Plus releases could mean more opportunities for free trial periods in the future too.

2. Verified Student Discount

As a student myself, I always look for ways to save money on subscription services. The good news is Disney Plus offers discounted pricing for students at accredited colleges or universities.

With the student discount, you pay just EGP 29.99 per month – a 40% savings! To qualify, you‘ll need to:

  • Provide documentation like an enrollment verification letter, student ID card, or class schedule from your school
  • Have an active student status
  • Validate your student status at least once per year

This student discount opens up access to Disney Plus for only EGP 360 per year. Considering a standard movie ticket in Egypt costs EGP 75-150, you‘re getting an amazing deal to stream from a huge catalog of movies and shows.

3. Bundle With Cell Phone Plan

Bundling streaming services with existing subscriptions can be a clever way to save. Some cell phone providers in Egypt allow you to add on Disney Plus to your monthly wireless plan.

For example, Etisalat offers several plans that include Disney Plus:

  • eLife Family Plans – 1 year Disney Plus included
  • eLife Extra Plans – 6 months Disney Plus included

When you factor in the Disney Plus value, bundling with Etisalat ends up providing between 12-31% savings compared to paying for services separately.

Other providers like Orange and Vodafone also offer discounts when you add Disney Plus to select data plans. Bundling allows you to consolidate bills and often score streaming perks.

4. Share an Account

One of the best ways to save on Disney Plus is to share an account with others. Every Disney Plus account allows:

  • Up to 7 user profiles
  • Up to 4 concurrent streams

This makes it super easy to split the cost across multiple people. Whether it‘s with family, roommates, or even friends, when everyone chips in, the monthly cost per person can be negligible.

For example, if 5 people split the EGP 49.99 monthly plan, each person‘s share comes out to just EGP 10. That‘s cheaper than a single movie ticket!

Account sharing has become very popular, with a 2021 study estimating over 33% of streaming subscribers share passwords. Leveraging account sharing is a proven way to maximize streaming value.

5. Free Month With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Here‘s a cool streaming perk offered by Microsoft. Anyone with an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gets 1 month of Disney Plus included for free!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs EGP 165 per month. So by redeeming your free Disney Plus month, it‘s like getting an extra EGP 49.99 value.

This deal provides a nice opportunity to test run Disney Plus at no added cost. And the 1 month Disney Plus trial autorenews when the Xbox subscription renews. So you can essentially get Disney Plus bundled with your Xbox Game Pass for just EGP 165 per month.

6. Verizon Free Disney Plus

If you happen to have Verizon as your wireless carrier, you can score Disney Plus included for free with select Unlimited plans. Here‘s a breakdown of Verizon‘s Disney Plus promos:

  • Play More or Get More Unlimited plans – 6 months Disney Plus free
  • Start Unlimited – 6 months Disney Plus free
  • Do More or Above Unlimited plans – 12 months Disney Plus free

With the top Verizon plans, you get Disney Plus on the house for a whole year! This offer is for new or existing Verizon postpaid Unlimited customers.

If you switch carriers, be sure to check their current deals. Free streaming subscriptions are a popular incentive right now.

Is a VPN the Answer?

Some folks consider using a VPN (virtual private network) to access Disney Plus content normally blocked in their country. A VPN can make it look like your internet traffic is coming from a different location.

However, I don’t recommend this method for unlocking Disney Plus. Streaming services are really cracking down on VPN use, plus many cheap VPNs don’t properly hide your identity and location.

Disney also actively blocks many VPN IP addresses. Unless you subscribe to a paid VPN that guarantees Disney Plus access, you’ll likely just end up frustrated and out of pocket.

Stick to the legitimate methods in this guide for the best Disney Plus experience.

Disney Plus Offers Solid Value

While a completely free Disney Plus account remains elusive for now, there are still great ways to reduce the cost through promotions, bundles, account sharing and more.

Hopefully these tips will help you experience all of the Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and other content for the lowest price possible.

Even without any special deals, a Disney Plus subscription offers a ton of value compared to other entertainment options. For the cost of just 1-2 movie tickets per month, you get endless streaming.

Now get out there and start streaming classic Disney animations, new Marvel series, Star Wars movies and shows, National Geographic documentaries, and much more. The world of Disney awaits!