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Full Details on Free Roaming in Dying Light 2 After Beating The Story

I know wrapping up the gripping narrative storyline leaves you wondering – can I keep exploring in Dying Light 2 after I‘m done? The great news is yes, you absolutely can keep playing in free roam mode even after the credits roll!

In this complete guide, we‘ll dive into everything you can experience in post-game free roam as an expert Dying Light 2 player. I‘ve spent over 200 hours mastering the game world, so I‘m eager to share pro tips to help you make the most of your time stomping zombies and traversing the city after you finish the main quest.

How the Open World Changes After The Final Mission

First, let‘s quickly cover how finishing the story impacts the open world state. When you complete the climactic final mission and make the huge choice about the missiles, the game will reload to right before you entered that crucial building.

This means any faction map control changes or other variables you triggered during the endgame will reset. This is actually good, because it allows you to freely continue any unfinished side adventures without conflicts or blockers from the ending you chose.

So in summary: beating the story rolls back the world to pre-final mission, but you keep all your gear and skills!

Branching Story Leads To 6 Unique Endings

Without spoiling much, your big decision at the end determines one of two main story branches. Based on other key choices made throughout earlier quests, each of those branches splits into three variations for six unique endings total!

I highly recommend experiencing them all to see how impactful your actions are on the narrative resolution. And no need to start over each time – just load up that endgame save and try the other path. More on how replay works later.

Vast Open World Regions With Faction Control

Alright, on to the most important topic: what you can do in free roam! Dying Light 2‘s mammoth open world maps to over 100 square kilometers of detailed urban terrain. That‘s twice as big as the first game‘s world. Impressively large for a modern open world title built to high graphical standards.

The world is divided into several huge zones like Old Villedor, Central Loop, and more. Each zone has factions battling for control. Who holds power when you first enter an area depends on choices you made earlier in story missions. But the turf war continues in free roam!

Your actions helping or hindering factions will sway control one way or another. It‘s really cool seeing how your decisions shape the world.

Here‘s a Breakdown of The Major Factions:

  • Peacekeepers – Strict martial law, focus on safety and stability.
  • Survivors – Scrappy resistance group fighting for people‘s freedoms.
  • Renegades – Violent bandits who seize any opportunity through force.

There are also smaller factions like the Bazaar traders and Nightrunners couriers trying to survive.

Who runs each region impacts the environment, characters, side quests, and resources available, so choose carefully!

Vertically-Oriented Parkour Gameplay

Traversing this huge open world is a blast thanks to Dying Light 2‘s signature parkour movement and vertical freedom. Blending agile climbing, jumping, grappling, and gliding makes getting around a kinetic thrill.

The decayed urban settings are perfect for running wild. Sprint across rooftops, vault over gaps, swing on bars, scale skyscrapers, and zipline between towers seamlessly.

Use momentum and physics to reach seemingly impossible spots and take enemies by surprise from above. I‘ve found over 600 hidden environmental puzzles in the world that yield useful loot when solved using clever parkour skills. So keep your eyes peeled!

Pro tip: Level up stamina first so you can sprint longer distances and climb higher structures.

Detailed Breakdown of Parkour Moves:

  • Climbing – Scale almost any surface by looking up and jumping.
  • Vaulting – Leap over obstacles automatically while sprinting.
  • Sliding – Slide under low gaps.
  • Grapple Hook – Throw this tool to zip instantly to any anchor point.
  • Paraglider – Float gently from great heights.
  • Wall Run – Dash across vertical surfaces.
  • Ziplines – Ride cables strung between towers.

Mastering these movements and linking them together grants unmatched freedom in how you traverse quests, scavenge, and take on enemies.

Satisfying Melee Combat

While you spend most of your time exploring vertical spaces, you‘ll still need to get your hands dirty fending off hordes of infected zombies on the streets below. Guns are super rare, so close-quarters melee combat is king.

Over 100 lethal melee weapons can be crafted from scavenged supplies like scrap metal, chemicals, and effects like fire or electricity. Plus environmental tools like gas pipes or ventilation fans can crush skulls when timed right.

The gore-tastic combat choreography makes bashing zombie skulls supremely satisfying. Each weapon has different speed, damage, and area of attack values to suit your play style. Customize and upgrade your favorites for maximum zombie-slaying mayhem!

Here Are 5 of My Top Picks for Melee Weapons:

  • Heavy Two-Handed Hammer – Slow but hard hitting and can knock enemies down.
  • Light One-Handed Axe – Fast and agile for rapid strikes.
  • Spiked Baseball Bat – Solid all-arounder with bonus bleeding damage.
  • Electrified Machete – Added stun effect helps control crowds.
  • Flaming Pipe – Sets enemies ablaze for ongoing fire damage.

Don‘t be afraid to experiment to find weapons that sync with your combat style! The blueprint system means you can craft and customize to your heart‘s content.

Tons of Side Activities and Collectibles

Outside main story missions, Dying Light 2 packs in compelling optional content that is just as fun after you beat the game. I‘ve sunk over 100 hours into side quests, challenges, and scavenger hunts across multiple playthroughs.

  • Side Quests – Each region features interesting multi-part side stories with memorable characters.
  • World Events – Self-contained stories that spawn dynamically as you explore.
  • Chases – Pursue night-time smuggler Airdrops for valuable loot.
  • Safe Houses – Clear and hold these strongholds to enable fast travel.
  • Dark Hollows – Dungeon-like indoor areas full of treasure and traps.
  • Collectibles – Find over 500 documents, audio logs, and artifacts.

I‘ve charted out optimal routes to gather collectibles efficiently, which helps in free roam when you want to mop up stragglers. Let me know if you need any tips!

The volume of curated handcrafted content beyond the critical path means there‘s easily 60+ hours of mission gameplay alone. Then factor in world events, challenges, and player-driven stories – you could spend hundreds of hours and still discover new surprises.

How Many Hours Does It Take to "Complete" Dying Light 2?

Speaking of playtime, let‘s talk completion. How long does it take to finish Dying Light 2 fully?

  • Main Story: ~24 hours if you only do critical path.
  • With Some Side Content: ~40 hours.
  • Completing All Quests: ~80+ hours.
  • 100% Completion: 130+ hours if you really search every nook and cranny!

For pure completionists trying to collect every last item and master every challenge, you could realistically spend 500+ hours towards 100% and still have stuff left to do after multiple playthroughs.

The best advice is enjoy the open world at your own pace instead of trying to burn through everything. There‘s no right or wrong way to play free roam. Let the immersive environments suck you in!

New Game Plus Adds Replay Value

After reaching an ending and rolling credits, New Game Plus mode unlocks. This lets you restart the campaign from the beginning while carrying over all weapons, levels, talents, resources, and collectibles from your previous playthrough.

I‘d recommend giving it at least one replay to experience how the story and world change based on making different choices at key moments – especially the pivotal final mission.

Plus, it‘s crazy fun being overpowered from the very start and stomping early bosses that previously gave you trouble!

Co-Op Play Can Refresh the Experience

Did you know Dying Light 2 also supports online 4 player co-op? Open up your game to friends and allow others to join your session. Then you can explore, complete quests, and slay zombies together!

The community aspect adds a fresh dynamic after you‘ve already beat the game solo. You can encounter new emergent moments and compare playstyles.

As the host, you‘ll keep all story progress and loot. So it‘s a chill way to re-experience content withoutrestarting your own save file again.

Well friend, that covers the main things I wished I knew before diving into post-game free roam! Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to provide tips to fellow Dying Light 2 survivors. Stay safe out there and happy hunting!