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Is Euro Truck Simulator 2 Free or Paid? The Ultimate Guide

Hey friend! I know you‘re eager to get behind the wheel of a big rig and start trucking around Europe. But before you hit the virtual highway, there‘s an important question you need answered: is Euro Truck Simulator 2 a free game, or do you need to pay for it?

As a fellow gaming and streaming enthusiast, I‘ve done some deep research to give you the full low-down on whether ETS2 is free or paid. Let‘s dive in!

The Short Answer

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is primarily a paid game. The full base game and its DLC expansions need to be purchased to access all of the content. There is an official free demo you can try, but it only provides about 2 hours of limited gameplay.

Pricing and Availability Overview

Here‘s a quick overview of where and how you can get Euro Truck Simulator 2:

  • On Steam, the base ETS2 game costs $19.99 USD.
  • There are also over 20 DLC expansions available for purchase, adding new trucks, cargos, and map areas.
  • An official free demo provides about 2 hours of limited gameplay.
  • Unauthorized ‘free‘ downloads of the full game are illegal.

So in summary, the complete ETS2 experience must be purchased legitimately. But you can try before you buy with the free demo!

Buying the Full ETS2 Game

According to the latest data from SteamDB, over 6.5 million copies of Euro Truck Simulator 2 have been sold since its launch in 2012. This makes ETS2 the highest selling truck simulation game worldwide.

This data shows the huge demand from players who are willing to pay for the full ETS2 game. And I think it‘s absolutely worth buying! Here‘s a bit more detail on getting the complete ETS2 experience:

  • The base game on Steam costs $19.99 in the US and is regularly on sale for ~$5.
  • There are over 20 DLC packs that expand the map and add new trucks, radio stations, cargos etc. Each DLC costs $5-15.
  • Owning all DLC can cost over $200, but you can just buy whatever interests you.
  • The base game + a few key DLC packs will give you hundreds of hours of gameplay.

One tip if you want to save money – watch for ETS2 sales around big Steam events. I picked up the base game for only $4.99 during the last winter sale!

Is it Worth Paying For?

In my opinion as a trucking game fan, ETS2 is absolutely worth the investment. Just look at what paying customers get access to:

  • Accurately recreated trucks from brands like Volvo, Scania, DAF etc – over 40 in total!
  • Beautifully detailed landscapes across dozens of licensed European cities and countries.
  • Realistic driving physics and truck customization options.
  • Dynamic weather, road incidents and economy systems.
  • Multiplayer support to truck with friends.
  • Hundreds of hours of immersive driving gameplay.

Considering the quality and depth ETS2 offers, paying around $20 for the base game is a great deal. Additional DLCs add even more value if you want to expand the experience.

Trying the Free Demo

If you‘re still unsure about ETS2, trying the free demo is a great way to get a feel for the game at no cost.

The official Euro Truck Simulator 2 demo can be downloaded from:

  • Steam: Look under the Game Demos section
  • SCS Software: Download direct from the developer

The demo includes two European countries, three trucks to drive, and about 2 hours of gameplay.

While limited compared to the full game, the free demo lets you sample ETS2‘s excellent simulation and get the basics of trucking down. If you enjoy it, you can then purchase the full game confidently knowing that it‘s money well spent.

The Reality of ‘Free‘ Downloads

Now when searching online you may come across websites offering ‘free‘ downloads of the full Euro Truck Simulator 2 game. It‘s tempting, but the reality is that these are illegal pirated copies.

Here are the key risks of using an unauthorized ‘free‘ ETS2 download:

  • It‘s copyright infringement and illegal in most countries.
  • No guarantee it‘s virus/malware free.
  • You won‘t get any updates or support.
  • Multiplayer won‘t work properly.
  • It hurts the hardworking development team at SCS Software.

My recommendation is to avoid these ‘free‘ ETS2 downloads for legal and safety reasons, and instead use legitimate sources. The free demo or paid full game directly from Steam or SCS Software are the only official options.

Free Truck Driving Game Alternatives

Maybe your budget is tight and you really can‘t pay for ETS2 right now. Not to worry – there are some legal free trucking games you can play instead:

Game Highlights
Truck Simulator 3D Basic mobile trucking game for Android/iOS
Euro Truck Driver Lower quality clone of ETS2 for mobile
OpenTTD Open source transport management game
TF2 Truck Cabin Drive a truck around in Team Fortress 2

While these games don‘t match the same realism or depth as ETS2, they can still provide some free trucking fun!

The Final Verdict

So in summary, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is primarily sold as a paid game, with only an official free demo available. While tempting, illegal ‘free‘ downloads should be avoided.

In my opinion as a fellow gamer, ETS2 is absolutely worth paying for to experience its realistic simulation and depth. But the free demo lets you try before you buy!

I hope this guide has answered your question on whether ETS2 is free or paid. Let me know if you have any other trucking game topics you‘d like me to cover! Happy trucking!